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Yeno agide and Ondu ninna are painfully 90s Anu Malik material. Even Aadesh Srivastava! What are they doing in Mano Murthy’s repertoire? Gelathi neenu may be using the ever-dependable Sonu-Shreya combination but the tune has lost its dependability long back, since it has been over-used by Mano anyway. The title song is an embarrassing string […]

The absolutely haunting melodies of Kooda varuviya and Oli tharum sooriyan are mesmerizing; an impeccable combination of smooth interludes and a tune to die for. Rekka katti parakkudhu is the uber-kuthu that is pitch perfect while Thendralum marudhu and Poo sirikkudhu offer a reasonable mix of the composer’s exasperating synth and amiable tunes. The composer’s […]

With simplistic backgrounds, the title song relies on Yuvan’s solid tune, while the by-now-trademark Yuvan tune in Saradaga is equally impactful. Yuvan’s awesome tune-smithing resurfaces in the engagingly mellow Waiting for you and the very pleasant Anukoledenadu – the composer wisely underplays the orchestration to accentuate the vocals. Yuvan lends his vocals to another trademark […]

Wednesday May 20, 2009 22:16

Music review: Ride (Telugu – Hemachandra)

Mahive has a calculated and assured style to it, besides sounding addictively catchy, while Rangula lokam is high on adrenaline rush courtesy the powerful backgrounds. Edo edo too showcases Hemachandra’s orchestration skills, besides the nifty tune but the title song halts the great run, with an insipid tune, albeit adorned with decent innovations in the […]

The absolutely fascinatingly titled YYW is fascinating tune-wise too, with a instantly hummable tune and impressively appropriate backgrounds! The assorted vocals do complete justice too though the star vocalist credited, Vishal Dadlani doesn’t seem to have a major role. Amritavarshini’s innocent singing and the intriguing, but immensely pleasant tune of Meghamaa signal a clear winner […]

Velmurugan’s rustic vocals and the hilariously interior Tamil Nadu lyrics ensure a winner in the rhythmic kuthu Aadungadaa! The other bawdy kuthu Yakka yakka is awfully imagined and scored. Shankar Mahadevan’s high-pitched call-out Sambho jagadam and its theme music variant do not impress – long and droning, both. Ditto for Hariharan’s Pain of love – […]

Nazar se nazaria pays a rich, lavish tribute to Pritam’s already inspired Crazy kiya re, even though the main similarity is camouflaged quite skillfully. Ya Rabula Rabbi is actually sung Yaar Abdullah Al Ameen and sounds like a catchy knockoff of a Middle Eastern track while Jack & Jill is a torture in every way […]

Ondondu storygu and Tangali tandeya finds Joshu rehashing his Kalloori sound fairly well and the same goes for Minchi, where the composer’s debut, Kaadhal resurfaces. Romeogalige is a terrible combination of silly, disjoint backgrounds and horrendous tune. Karthik and Benny do a great job in the melodious Yaaro kooda even as the composer supports it […]

Just when you thought that Ilayaraja has put his synth days behind, he reaches for that embarrassing sound all over again. Barring the uncomplicated and heartfelt tune of Modalane everything else is a bewildering concoction of awkward sounds, long deemed exclusive to B-grade Tamil productions. Muthuthu is the 80s Telugu sensuousness gone awry while Om […]

While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Devi’s music in Kandhasamy, the composer seems to be running out of ideas. The hyper-catchy Excuse me; the Shakira-inspired Allegra, the breathless ode to Pizza, Idhellaam dupe; and the sensuous, cool Meow meow are definitely groovy, though they are dead simple and repetitive tunes. Where the strain shows are […]

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