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Thursday April 30, 2009 11:59

Can they hear you?

(Cross-posted from my other blog, Beast of Traal, for a slightly wider reach. No, this post has nothing to do with music, so you can skip reading this right away, if that is disappointing!) Are you a blogger? A reasonably influential one, at that? I’m sure you’d have a fair estimate about your influence as […]

The title song, beyond its noisy predisposition, has a sophisticated kuthu feel bordering on Calypso. Chikki mukki is a massy, Pritam’ish song – a catchy track, with a nuanced extra, while Vellaikaari harks back to the Wham era – pleasantly nostalgic 80s pop. Paadhi Kaadhal is wonderful stuff – a mildly mocking track seeped in […]

Ashutosh’s two songs – Raja Hassan-sung Delhi Destiny, that follows a monotonous drill barring the lively lyrics and the Shaan-sung Kal ki tarah, that breezes past faster than you expect its melody to sink in, are largely humdrum. Roshan Machado’s theme tune is middling and beyond the marginally interesting retro feel, his Soch mat disappoints […]

With its typical yuppie folk sound, Kalavaaniye is strictly average, though the composing duo use pleasant, Vidyasagar’esque sounds in the interlude. Mudhal mudhalaai uses a similar template and just passes muster, while Seeman’s Pesama fans a revolution, uninspiringly. Prasanna’s woeful Poovidhazh makes the pleasant version of the same tune, Poongodi, sound awesome. Onnaa thaangave is […]

Friday April 24, 2009 21:39

Music review: Boni (Telugu – Ramana Gogula)

The guitar-driven Arere chejarinde is a pleasant listen but the title song and its variant Dibi dubi daba are terribly annoying – as if Devi Sri Prasad composed them in a foul mood. Ditto for the coarse Maa jatha kadithe. Kadantana has an catchy tune but its Hemachandra’s effortless vocals that towers over this track. […]

Kannaadi koppai and Kudimagane advocate drinking effectively, though tune-wise they’re pedestrian. Oothura vidhathil should be Tasmac’s anthem – an old-school kuthu number sung with the necessary verve by Premgi Amaran. Paarthaal is an apology of a song while Sithanna vaasalin has an interesting enough tune, but the over-ambitious orchestration borders on the bizarre. The veteran […]

Friday April 24, 2009 21:35

Music review: Kick (Telugu – SS Thaman)

The all-male, 5-member qawali Boss memory loss is high on fun quotient and adds minor zingy elements that make it worthwhile! Chitra’s Dhimtana has an intriguing background rhythm and the hush-hush tune gets on gradually but surely. Dil kalaase opens with an explosive prelude but ends up into a tame tune while Gore gore, beyond […]

Monday April 20, 2009 21:06

Music review: Thoranai (Tamil – Manisharma)

Echoing Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam’s Madura jilla, Manjasela mandakini is catchy time-pass, while Janani and Vijay Yesudas’ Pattucha is dreary and seeped in Manisharma’s Telugu styled structure. Pelican paravaigal is fairly rhythmic and makes for foot tapping listening. Vedi vedi saravedi is a rocking title song, molded along a Vijay intro number, but the pick of the […]

Moondru naal aagume, with its free flowing verse and lovely sax phrases is delightfully rendered by Karthik. Ranjani’s Varum vazhi yengume and Madhu Balakrishnan’s Mozhi illaamale too borrow quite a few bars from Moondru naal aagume to create a more ponderingly ominous and pathos-laden, droning variants, respectively. Nila nee vaanam has a pleasant, ghazal-like structure […]

Despite the old school tune, the composer lends a nice touch with the dominant violin phrases in SPB’s soulful Gnabagam illayo, while an exotic mélange of a prelude leads to an ambitiously disjoint Kaadhalil ethanai. Ennadi is average faux-folk and the motivational Unnaal mudiyum abounds with the usual arrangements and words expected out of such […]

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