Tuesday January 6, 2009

Music review: Billu Barber (Hindi – Pritam)

Posted by Karthik

Marjaani is a thumping, high-energy item song, but Love mera hit hit is Pritam pushing his luck – age-old hooks and stock rhythm. Neeraj is much better in the relatively slower You get me rockin, but for the auditory diarrhea in music; a similar problem in the rambling Ae Aa O too. Raahat Fateh Ali Khan and Soham Chakraborty infuse some earthiness in the soundtrack with the beautifully restrained Jaoon kahan and Khudaya khair, respectively – the latter is particularly lilting! In Billoo Bhayankar, only Gulzar’s verse-play stands out. One rocking item song and two pleasant melodies – smooth job, Pritam!

Keywords: Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Pritam, Neeraj Shridhar



  • msrikantt

    Karthik…Just got my hands on the album…Have to check it out..Whats your favourite???

  • Karthik

    Khudaya khair!

  • Sunny Gupta

    Nice Album. Wish Pritam works on less albums and tries to show more creativity .. rather than plagiarise songs… I fully agree with you, Karthik.. Khudaya Khair is the best song of the album. I like Sohams version more than Abhijeets..

  • msrikantt

    what do you mean plagiarise…which ones???

  • Sunny Gupta

    I m not talkin about billu barber in particular.. His overall music career has been affected by plagiarism. I know he is a terrific composer. Some of his original songs are mindblowing.

  • msrikantt

    Ya I agree with you Sunny…His songs especially his instrumentation is top notch,most of the times better than the plagiarised one.He got a bit tainted due to his misdeeds….Billu Barber as far as I can see has no ripoffs…or am I jumping the gun and passing a judgement too early,that only time and itwofs will tell!!!
    Karthik whatsay

  • nickraman

    I loved the album. Waay better than the tamil version, Kuselan.

    Also, notice in the album cover and compare it to the Tamil one. Irfan Khan/Lara Dutta are given 50-50 space with SRK. The Tamil one refused to acknowledge Pasupati/Meena and instead pasted Rajnikanth/Nayantara.

  • crichessill

    does anyone feel dil mera hit hit reminds u of chori chori from garam masala… also, those complimenting pritam on orchestration and arrangements, i recommend listening to door na ja from jannat which was neglected unfortunately.. truly a masterpiece

  • raulsail

    Khudaya khair is really nice , I also likes u got me rocking but the problem with that song it has over mixed with hip hop elements i guess a little bit less of those stuff it wud also have been a great song,………. and the song which has stuck me is Ae aa e o

  • Abr7862

    im gona 2nd what you mentioned about door na ja from jannat. An absolutely awesome track which never got the recognition it deserved.

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  • shaqeeb00

    It is the best music of the year.Srk rocks.He is the best.The best music of thy year.It is awesome

  • PonzIe

    You get me rocking and reeling is up there! Also the way Khud’ picturised!! Neerajs gottab the x-factor for Pritam!!!

  • sakkeerc


    Khudaya khair’s first part is similiar to ‘woh kisna hai..woh kisna hai…’

    please check it
    it is the movie kisna

  • nakhrekartekarte

    Wow, this was such a great soundtrack! I loved all the songs so much. Best is Marjaani, Rockin’ and Reelin’ and Love Mera Hit Hit. Pritam may be very unoriginal, but he seems to deliver some great songs (whether or not they’re his haha, they still are good stuff)

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