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Saturday December 27, 2008 13:15

Khuda ke bandey (Amit Trivedi)

Of all the tribute tracks for 26.11 (I recall one by Raghu Dixit too), this one by Amit Trivedi is my fave. This is actually a very Mithoon’ish track, if you ask me, but the lyrics, the vocals and the tune really stuck me as heartfelt. The video is functional, though. Here are the full […]

Forget Surya looking like a million bucks – he actually looks like Gautam Menon; that is how self-indulgent this movie gets. The ode-to-everyday-dad is about the son and the Dad that we never really come to know or relate to, barring his endless smoking and deep love for his wife, Simran. It’s strange that the […]

Friday December 26, 2008 12:10

Movie review: Slumdog Millionaire (Danny Boyle)

For all those glowing reviews that lauded the film for its manic pace, what captured my attention was the restraint that Danny Boyle displays in almost every scene that could have been a melodramatic mess in the hands of an Indian director. Barring that uncharacteristic, anti-Amitabh’ish game show host character portrayed by Anil Kapoor, this […]

Friday December 26, 2008 11:17

Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal

Sounds bizarre, no? Its actually a pretty interesting creature. Beast of Traal also happens to be my new blog on all things social media, with a specific focus on Indian brands and corporates. This is my first work-related blog – despite the fact that I have been running ItwoFS (ideally a website, not a blog) […]

Tuesday December 16, 2008 20:45

Music review: Circus (Kannada – Emil)

Rajkumar’s 80s cult hit by Ilayaraja, Jeeva hoovagidhe, gets a mildly altered makeover, but the modern intrusions (that obnoxious I love you!) only add to the annoyance. Emil’s simple, Mano Murthy’ish melody in Pisugudale is undeniably appealing, while Sajnaare is a very breezy and pleasant number sounding almost like it’s composed by a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy assistant […]

Monday December 15, 2008 12:41

Music review: Villu (Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad)

Hey rama rama has Vijay talking political propaganda – in an inane, stale package. Baba Sehgal’s Jalsa and Mamta Mohandas’ Daddy mummy retain their hyper-addictive Telugu original’s (Jalsa and Shankardada Zindabad’s Aakelesthe) feel, while Are you crazy is a thankfully short and useless songlet. Dheemthanakka thillana is Devi’s assembly-line nonsense with a robotic rhythm and […]

The self-professed new age Aathichudi is nothing but an annoying, kuthu’fied version of something existentially profound – a blasphemous attempt, in the name of reaching newer audiences. iPhonin screena nee is one of those trademark Vijay Antony tunes…the tune’s contours are at once familiar and jaded, while Prasanna’s desolate life’s lessons in Kanneerai pole is […]

Saturday December 13, 2008 13:58

Milliblog Annual Music Round-up 2008

Annual music round-ups are getting increasingly difficult. What should they be ideally based on? The number of times a song is played? By whom? Number of CDs sold? The Milliblog annual round-up is comparatively simpler – this is a list of songs, across the four languages (and Indipop) I track music in, that I seem […]

Friday December 12, 2008 21:20

Music review: Dindukkal Sarathy (Tamil – Dhina)

Ammadi aathaadi makes the monumental blunder of getting Kailash Kher to sing in Tamil, yet again. Even the tune is brain dead. Dindukallu seems to have been crafted laboriously, to attract the Nakka mukka fan base. But it tries too hard and merely ends up being a tacky me-too, without any natural ease in the […]

Friday December 12, 2008 21:09

Music review: Jumbo (Hindi – Ram Sampath)

Everything gonna be alright is worn-out, with every predictable filmy hip-hop element thrown in, while the Timberlak’ish Dil mera jumbo manages to grate even more. This is Pritam territory but Ram’s composition and arrangement seriously fall short. Chayee madhoshiyan is cheese and sugar overdose – just what you need when two mini, multi colored elephants […]

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