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The terribly predictable templates of Tujh mein rab and Haule haule are extremely annoying – but the earthy simplicity in both, along with heartfelt lyrics in the former just about salvages both tracks. Dance pe chance follows the long line of Punju-infused dancy tracks – pitiably humdrum. The nostalgic medley Phir milenge chalte chalte is […]

Tuesday November 4, 2008 20:31

Music review: Bismillah (Daler Mehndi)

With just two tracks, Bismillah is definitely an interesting experiment, barring the ‘Daler Mehndi’s first sufi album’ tag. Allah hu is the more sober and true to form of the two tracks, with an extended, pious prelude lasting almost 3+ minutes of the 9-odd minute song which then breaks into a vibrant, catchy and qawali’ish […]

Labh Janjua’s enthusiastic vocals are the only solace in the assembly-line techno-Punju Teri naganee and the brothers hopelessly imitate Pritam’s sound in Mehbooba, to no specific effect. Teri yaad’s base melody is interesting enough, besides the extended vocal play by Shashank, but the title song is sappy and utterly outdated. The extra-sweet Rim jhim too […]

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