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Tuesday November 18, 2008 21:29

Music review: Thenavattu (Tamil – Srikanth Deva)

Onnu rendu’s blaringly loud backgrounds and the obvious reference to the much-abused transgender is plain jarring. Srikanth Deva seems to have deconstructed a Jeyaraj number like an expert Chinese manufacturing plant and reassembled Pattaam poochi but the cracks start showing off in the interludes and the meandering tune. Enekkena pirandhavalo and Enge irundhaai are exceptionally […]

Saindhavi sounds great in the otherwise weirdly paced and rhythmed En paadal while SPB tries to hold the dated melodies in Thanthathil seitha and Vaikarai paniye – the latter is considerably better. Vizhiyil is more like it – a well-orchestrated duet with elaborate violin pieces expected from Vidyasagar, much like the unconventional, up-tempo Karthik number, […]

There’s dollops of Pritam in the breezy Mere khuda – with KK’s ace vocals, this is a very good hear. Its remix is mighty interesting too, shorn of the usual manic speed. Pal, however, doesn’t work as much as the routine, hip-hop title song by Vivek Philip, with obvious hooks and chorus. The jazzy Sometimes […]

Besides the usual torture Srikanth Deva unleashes upon hapless listeners in Tamil Nadu, just one mandatory listen to Udit Narayan in Adiye is enough…this is THE worst soundtrack of 2008, in Tamil. Doesn’t deserve any more words/ time from me. Keywords: whatever, bah!

Tuesday November 11, 2008 21:41

Music review: Sindhanai Sei (Tamil – Taman)

The title song is completely overloaded with zany sounds and excessive vocalizing effects that it becomes hard to even follow the flow, while Naveen Madhav’s Ellamey is a fairly decent effort with a simple, rhythmic, sonorous tune, almost like a Yuvan track. Ranjith’s Mannu nee and Rahul Nambiar’s Thappum illai are again go overboard and […]

There’s so much energy and life in Delhi – The Underground, that it may sound unfair to criticize a few and praise others. But, Kapil Srivastava’s incredible guitar in The Journey and East India Company’s vibrant influences in Omo are the two tracks that hooked me instantly. Sawan Dutta’s self-confessed jazz-rock ballad, Virtual love; Aditya […]

It could be Tony K’s tunes or it may be the genes. Neha sounds like her sister Sonu Kakkar, but in a terribly foul mood. There’s so much forced attitude in tracks like Love galli, No no and U gotta be nice, that the album seems doomed. But, Neha works her magic alongside Tony’s mellow, […]

Badra, Kar le singar and Dholana, to some extent, despite the assembly-line rhythm, are three of the most appealing tracks. Humnava’s strong and disparate Middle-eastern influence and the fused Punju folk in Channa mera dil gaya are tedious, however. The massy semi-classical Man kaise lage tests and showcases Rupali’s vocal range beautifully. There’s a strong […]

Sunday November 9, 2008 18:32

Music review: Khallballi (Hindi – Sajid Wajid)

The unruly title song and the much more restrained Bhuri bhuri have Neeraj Shridhar going through the grind – the latter is interestingly groovy. The qawali-base in Yeh ishq hai is plain lame and outdated and so is the 80s style Zari di kurtiyan that tries to differentiate itself with the synthesized rhythms, a la […]

Saturday November 8, 2008 19:00

Music review: Dil Kabaddi (Hindi – Sachin Gupta)

Sachin’s vocals and the slow, rhythmic melody in Ehsaan are pretty impressive while the Reggaeton-based Uthale ya’s colloquial lyrics jar, even as the tune is decent. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan turns the soundtrack’s focus towards his brand of music in Zindagi ye, but Sachin’s arrangements end up into a bizarre medley. The retro sound in […]

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