Sunday November 30, 2008

Pirivom…Sandhippom (Tamil novel by Writer Sujatha Rangarajan)

Posted by Karthik

As a long time fan of Tamil writer Sujatha, I occasionally kick myself for not having read some of his famous novels, though I may have read most of them. I finished his Pirivom…Sandhippom (We will part…We will meet again) – both the parts, in one breathless weekend, today – 26 years after the story was first serialized in the Tamil weekly, Anandha Vikatan! This is one of those books/ moments where I thank my upbringing for giving me the ability to read and understand the nuances of my mother tongue, Tamil. Someday, I hope to translate Sujatha’s works in English and let the world enjoy his thought. I bought this book recently at the Bangalore book festival and the reason was simple – Director A R Gandhi Krishna, who’s Chellame was one of better recent commercial films, is making Aanandha Thaandavam, based on this book. I wanted to read the book before I could see the film. The story is a stunner, to say the least, even though the lead character (Raghupathy, played by debutant Siddharth, in the movie) comes across as a complete dud and a drifter. But I can picturise Tamanna as Madhumita and am really amazed at the director’s sense to get her for this role – it’s an incredibly perfect casting! The music by GV Prakash Kumar has already got 200 words from me – but I now appreciate the music even more – would I be right in expecting the doleful Megam pola in the scene where Raghupathy is shattered by the fact that Madhumita is marrying someone else?; Is Poovinai for the scene where Raghu and Madhu spend time in Disneyland?; I couldn’t place Kanaa Kaangiren, however, frankly! After the book, I’m really looking forward to this film!



  • PonzIe

    Karthik! Kudos for being multi-faceted! After an extraordinarily unwell music review season, unavoidably caused by a critical mass of ARR Fanbase(I am a stick-in-the-mud ARR fan), you do have something other than music to feel about.
    I am a die-hard fan of wonderful immoral tamil writers Sujatha and JayaKandan. Whilst one explored innovation , other explored writing method itself.
    It is really a pleasant surprise for having you discover your X-factor in a new area.
    Forgot to mention : After praised ARR for various reasons and skills in so many places, though being ARR fan, I would feel Murugadoss saying ‘Damn! I should have asked Aamir to rest ARR this time!’.
    It doesnt mean our ARR is incapable but his restless efforts to score for a plenty of movies would have let him ‘down’. People praising ARR would have not been discussing this much here. They should have shifted their gears to ‘Yuvvraaj’ which is still one-of-its-genre.

  • PonzIe

    I would definitely read ‘Privom santhippoam’ . Thanks karthik for finding interesting plots to focus. Amidst por work pressure, these kind of small redirections make life going.

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