Thursday November 13, 2008

Music review: Sorry Bhai (Hindi – Gaurav Dayal, Vivek Philip)

Posted by Karthik

There’s dollops of Pritam in the breezy Mere khuda – with KK’s ace vocals, this is a very good hear. Its remix is mighty interesting too, shorn of the usual manic speed. Pal, however, doesn’t work as much as the routine, hip-hop title song by Vivek Philip, with obvious hooks and chorus. The jazzy Sometimes too plays predictably. But Jalte hain, where Abhishek Nailwal breathes life into Amitabh Varma’s evocative words is the soundtrack’s highlight – despite that ‘dekhle’ part, oh-so reminiscent of a recent Rabbi Shergill number! Composer Gaurav Dayal breaks his B-grade trail reasonably well, with Sorry Bhai.

Keywords: Chitrangada Singh, Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi, Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani



  • Sriram



    Heard the music WOULD be releasing on the 15th Nov – how did you get the CD so early?!


    This is what Vivek Philip (the composer has to say about the JT lift on PFC)

    “Yeah it once did remind me of that JT song too. But you use a strong word – “copy”. Ssshhhh! Well if youre not a fan of JT then im sorry bhai you wont like this song Strange that im not a fan of JT…

    Ok.. vague jokes apart… When the cd comes out i suggest you listen to both songs back to back at most a hundred and twenty seven times (Please buy the cd, not download).”

    Hmmmm! *Starts to think* – wadya say?

  • Karthik

    1. Milliblog has reached a mildly popular position that I can afford *some* sources either from the music label or their PR firm. I get sent all sorts of CDs these days and I thank my stars for such a privilege. For the bigger, international acts (and their reviews in Milliblog), I sometimes add a note of credit – you might have seen it.

    2. Saw the response from Vivek in PFC. I’m wondering what is worse – his composing skill (!) or sense of humor!

  • Arun

    I’m wondering what is worse – his composing skill (!) or sense of humor

    Ouch! That’s pretty harsh (No…not about his sense of humour :p)!
    He may well have ripped a song off here but he was also behind ‘Le Chale’ and also came up with a couple of pretty decent tracks in ‘Bas Ek Pal’.

  • Karthik

    Bas ek pal was totally Tere bin…somehow I never recall hearing anything striking from Vivek…Le chale was just average…for me at least.

  • shweta

    The music of Sorry Bhai is refreshing I specially liked the song pal from the movie Both sunidhi chauhan and chayan adhikari have lent their soul into the song

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