Wednesday November 5, 2008

Music review: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

Posted by Karthik

The terribly predictable templates of Tujh mein rab and Haule haule are extremely annoying – but the earthy simplicity in both, along with heartfelt lyrics in the former just about salvages both tracks. Dance pe chance follows the long line of Punju-infused dancy tracks – pitiably humdrum. The nostalgic medley Phir milenge chalte chalte is strictly on-screen material! That’s it? Either Aditya Chopra had the composing duo on a tight, unnecessary leash or they’ve been smoking the wrong thing – it’s a shame, since Salim Sulaiman just produced a cracker soundtrack in Fashion and are truly capable of so much more!

Keywords: Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Vinay Pathak



  • Arun

    Love ‘Haule Haule’…earthy and immensely catchy. ‘Tujhme Rab’ is decent. Rest of them are pretty ordinary!

  • Karthik

    Got a few direct mails saying that they loved RNBDJ’s music and that my review sucks 🙂 I completely understand the sentiments here, but my point is this – Tujhme rab and Haule haule are definitely competent and may end up being superhits (death by repetition?), but these two and even the cleverly conceived medley are far from being called even ‘decent’, by Salim Sulaiman’s standards. Aditya…hmmm, not sure, had great music in DDLJ, but Mohobattein was terrible, IMO. I’ve never been the one to mince words and wax eloquent on something that is substandard but has the potential to catch up big just because of over-exposure – so why should RNBDJ be any different?

    But as I always say, if you enjoy RNBDJ, I’m the happiest. Like I said in my tweet, I just love the buzz around a new album/ soundtrack – despite my not liking this soundtrack. And there are so very few things that give us happiness and if this film’s soundtrack is one of them – brilliant!

  • jeanjohny

    I completely agree with you Karthik, this soundtrack is a disappointment.. it uses all the templates for a yash raj and dhrma productions banner.. here the composers are forced to work in a drawn boundaries, creative freedom is not there.. Going by the calibre of S-S, they are capable of more.. Now I can guess why ARR always turns down the offers from Karan Johar.. But this soundtrack will catch up, mainly coz of SRK and yeah there’s a mass who follows such kinda musik.. How I wish it had atleast Pritam kinda sound, or V-S quality, to the least!!

  • kavish sharma

    Hey guys i know you all are commenting after goin’ through the listening of tracks but the thing is you all are forgetting one thing that is the theme of the movie…..
    Rab ne bana di jodi is all about the thing that “The’s an extraordinary love story in every ordinary story”
    So how you expect the composers to compose a stuff which is lke srk’s other hits -something very like the latest trend!!
    I bet all those who are saying that the music is not that much good are definitely going to say that this is the best soundtrack of 2008 coz it is so simple & ordinary but still extraordinary on the otherside….

    Thanks for your review karthik but you must understand that it totally cot like the latest trend…something with bass and beats…this is the 70’s 80’s stuff which is really a pleasure to listen to….it will rise up slowly and then on the release of RNBDJ it will turn out to be the biggest music of 2008!!!!

  • Karthik

    I’ll be more than glad if the music rose up and caught on with the public, if not me. To be frank, its quite easy to flog *any* soundtrack endlessly on the telly and create an illusion of success and mass appeal, provided the producers are willing to spend that much money. Adi doesn’t need to do anything of that sort, of course, but knowing YRF’s marketing machine, I’m sure this will be the case for RNBDJ’s music as well.

    Its just that I personally think Salim and Sulaiman have produced far better soundtracks and this is one of their most average ones.

  • jaydeep

    Ya, one can easily blame the production house cliches. Salim-Sulaiman have come up with their best only when they’ve worked outside yashraj camp. Neal n nikki, roadside romeo n now this one…all cliched.. typical yashraj style. Aaja nachle was the only exception where a couple tracks really impressed more so for sound production.
    On the other hand, all their scores for other production houses have been great. Iqbal, Dor, fashion etc are all great scores.
    Tujh mein rab is the only gem in this one.

  • crackmusicman

    “since Salim Sulaiman just produced a cracker soundtrack in Fashion and are truly capable of so much more!”

    I donno what is the so called CRACKER SOUNDTRACK for fashion when the base is also from somewhere else. Its still unnoticed by you that
    the beginning of Mar Jawaan is Cheb Mami’s AICHA.
    Well the guys who call themselves cutting edge musicians, probably used
    this hook all throughout the film.
    Would make a great theme.But it is someone else’s..
    here are the links which should tell the story

    FASHION Mar Jawa :

    Original Cheb Mami’s AICHA. :

    This whole thing was before mentioned in a post in the ITWOFS google group but it went unnoticed.


  • sharath

    except the song ‘haula haule’ this album i found disappointing especially if u compare Aditya’s previous one DDLJ by jatin-lalit.In fact ‘Tujhme rab’ sounds like a Ravindra Jain song from either Vivaah or Ek aisa Vivaah.With due respect to Ravindra Jain he has also given mediocre music recently when compared to his work during 70s.Salim-Sulaiman are definitely talented and capable of much more

  • sharath


    u have written “To be frank, its quite easy to flog *any* soundtrack endlessly on the telly and create an illusion of success and mass appeal, provided the producers are willing to spend that much money” Don’t u think is it also the case of Rahman’s ‘Yuuvraaj’?What I have observed is
    when it comes to Rahman’s music issues like this are not raised.actually i do not like Rabe ne but just wanted to tell this

  • Karthik

    sharath: Absolutely. With effort and money, Ada could have been a super successful soundtrack. Just because a large group of people like a soundtrack does not mean its of high quality – its just popular. The yardstick for quality may be swayed by popular appeal, but its still a very personal decision.

  • Sriram

    Sharath:- Oh you are here as well, eh?! I thought PFC was the end – Damn – Glad to meet you here – and your no-so-good thoughts on Rahman!

    Kathik, I think misinterpreted it –

    Anyways, Other than for ‘Haule Haule’ the rest of the songs do not work for me. Found ‘Tujhme Rab’ extremely slow. Dance pe Chance – is just another Time-pass song, nothing peppy – ‘Phir milenge chalte chalte’ is okish – yet not so happening. Considering the story line – its fine.

    Overall a bad album from SS – I hope the movie doesn’t turn out as bad.


  • sharath


    I think u misinterpreted what I wanted to convey.As rightly pointed out by Sriram I am not a huge fan of Rahman.Since u have mentioned that huge marketing has a role to play in success of songs,don’t u think it has happened incase of Yuuvraaj also which is also a big budget film with superstars?

    Regarding ur review of ADA if i remember right u liked only 2 songs from that album and u found rest of songs not upto mark

    But I completely agree with what u said “just because a large group of people like a soundtrack does not mean its of high quality – its just popular. The yardstick for quality may be swayed by popular appeal, but its still a very personal decision” An example for this is Vishal Bharadwaj’s “Jahan Tum Le Chalo” which very few people know about

  • sharath


    Regarding Rahman’s music there may be difference of opinion,but I completeley agree with ur review of
    Rabe ne songs.I feel Karthik has been little bit harsh on ‘Haule Haule’.It is a good song I think.

  • Karthik

    sharath: Yes! Not just Yuvvraaj, but every other bigger budget film like Golmaal Returns! Even within this logic, there are big films like Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic who’s music went unnoticed thanks to a. average music and b. the movie’s fate. So, if Yuvvraaj has caught on, it perhaps means its not as average as TPTM and may catch on even more if the movie works.

  • Sriram

    Sharath: – Any bad music wouldn’t be a superhit even if you play on the loop in the radio for like say 5 hrs continously. But on the other hand if it’s being played a lot of time it ‘could’ also be coz the people have loved it!

    Eg- ‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’ used to play every 5 mins in the radio – now that’s not coz the producers paid the money to all radio stations to play it X number of time – If it’s really good – it’s good! People want to listen to ti! If it’s awsumly bad – you can’t do a thing about it and even playing it non-stop isn’t gonna make people love it!

    But there have also been cases where the song have been really gr8 – but nobody knows a thing about the movie – Eg – Anwar (‘Maula mere Maula mere’)

    I wouldn’t agree with you on that count, man!

  • nakhrekartekarte

    This album is the same case as Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, popular actors and movie, but very average songs. I didn’t like a single song. S-S are capable of much better and this is just a terrible soundtrack that is constantly played because of the SRK factor.

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