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As a long time fan of Tamil writer Sujatha, I occasionally kick myself for not having read some of his famous novels, though I may have read most of them. I finished his Pirivom…Sandhippom (We will part…We will meet again) – both the parts, in one breathless weekend, today – 26 years after the story […]

It’s one thing to Sitar’ize everything going Westward and entirely something else to infuse drama with violins so beautifully in a maniacally racy, Sitar-driven track – the strangely titled Mausam & Escape perhaps offers the best example of what Rahman sets out to achieve with the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire. The predominantly instrumental pieces – […]

Bang bang India is silliness personified, intent on banging the country, while Maya bazaar quotes Shakira’s Ojos Asi and has direct bits from Cameron Cartio’s Henna, in a bizarre tune. Veteran SPB seems trapped in the juvenile Star star and Just bang bang has atrocious lyrics and is all noise! Sonu Kakkar and Gurukiran take […]

Javed may not be the best choice for Guzarish, an essentially Abhijeet’ish number with a gorgeous tune and the usual Rahman-styled flow, while Kaise mujhe’s mellifluous pathos gets slightly muted due to Benny’s dispassionate vocals. Behka is path-breaking – contrarian first antara, soaring bridges and incredible singing by Karthik. Latoo is instantly appealing with an […]

Saturday November 22, 2008 21:35

Music review: Ghajini (Hindi – A R Rahman)

Guzarish is silky smooth no doubt, what with Javed’s adept vocals…but the tune lacks the finesse associated with a Rahman track, particularly in the antara-mukhda bridges, while Aye bachu and Latoo are astonishingly pedestrian, straight out of Lakeer’s original tracks inventory. Kaise mujhe is no better, Benny belting out the pathos drowsily and Shreya saving […]

Saturday November 22, 2008 18:45

Music review: Aintham Padai (Tamil – D. Imaan)

Anitha’s bawdy Shoku Sunthar is catchy in a very weird way – it is packaged very effectively with an addictive chorus. But Imaan rips off Euphoria’s very popular Meri gully shamelessly in Vaadi en vaasappadi and passes it as his own, with Devan crooning pretty well – unpardonable! Aaradi raakshasane has Sawariya fame Shail Hada […]

Vidyasagar’s Telugu, Bangaram tracks Jai sambho and Chidu gudante bhayam get their Tamil transliterations and they’re…well, they’re the same and sound as decent as they did earlier. Composer Manisharma’s cult hit, Cheppave chirugali, from Okkadu, gets a Tamil avatar too, in Udit Narayan’s Ennamo seithaai nee – it is listenable, but in the Tamil milieu […]

Hai rama has Sukhwinder and Neha Kakkad going through the drill – the latter doing a neat sister-Sonu impersonation! The song’s catchy, but predictable. The title song is built like an anthem – a flat one, at that! O dil sambhal’s boy-band’ish pop sound is pleasant while the aiming to be street-smart Chal de rapat […]

Wednesday November 19, 2008 21:35

Music review: Haage Summane (Kannada – Mano Murthy)

Odi bandenu harks back to Mungaru Male’s formula and is merely soporific, while Naanenu nambodilla is straight out of a 80s Hindi film – terribly outdated. Sonu’s title song works with its charming, hummable tune. Haadonave is crude and annoying, but despite the silly rhythm and conventional accordion, Oorella koogi has an innocent, likeable ring […]

Tuesday November 18, 2008 21:30

Music review: Thee (Tamil – Srikanth Deva)

Nee illamal starts off reasonably well, although in predictable Srikanth Deva mode, but the composer gets his senses back and opens the assault with his trademark Dingi daangu pretty soon! Dad Deva adds to the offensive with the coarse and highly pointless Valliyamma valliyamma while Roshini’s even coarser Ravaga rannaiyya plains like a 80s Bollywood […]

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