Tuesday October 21, 2008

Music review: Aanandha Thaandavam (Tamil – GV Prakash Kumar)

Posted by Karthik

With a breezy, instantly engaging tune, Kallil aadum is a complete winner – Benny and Shwetha sound awesome. Megam pola’s gloomy outlook is new to Tamil films, but within the Rahman school of music – Shankar Mahadevan’s outstanding rendition adds strength to this evocative number. Kanaa kaangiren is nothing short of an achievement – a rare track with 3 female singers – Nithyashree, Vinitra and above all, Shuba Mudgal. Prakash assigns relevant segments to the right singer and the singers themselves exchange segments later on, quite beautifully! The quasi-classical orchestration and the strong folk’ish backgrounds throughout are also noteworthy. Srinivas does his usual magic in the light, frothy Poovinai, with able support from Shreya Ghoshal – the spring-in-the-feet backgrounds are captivating. Pattu poochi is interesting for the discordant interaction between an ultra-hip opening and a folk-tinged portion immediately thereafter – Naresh Iyer’s stylish rendition, the catchy rhythm and jazzy interludes make for an enchanting combination! GV Prakash Kumar seems to have a sporadic, on and off success ratio, right after his impressive debut in Veyil. With an able director like Gandhi Krishna and a plot like Sujatha’s Pirivom Sandhippom, the young composer delivers an incredibly likeable, buoyant soundtrack for Aanandha Thaandavam.

Keywords: Tamana, Tamanna Bhatia, Aanandha Thaandavam, Ananda Tandavam, #200, 200, GV Prakash Kumar



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