Monday October 20, 2008

Music review: Seven Lives Many Faces (Enigma)

Posted by Karthik

Seven lives is perhaps the most notable track in Enigma’s 7th album – a turntable scratching, hip-hop-laden track that is a welcome departure from their regular sound. Sebastian and Nikita Cretu, featured in the drum-ridden Same parents; the violin-bass-guitar combo of Touchness; Margarita Roig’s powerful, but unfathomable vocals in La puerta del cielo and Between generations – both with the trademark Enigma sound we have come to love and the back-to-the-chants, Déjà Vu, are some of the tracks that impress. Despite all this, Seven lives crawls the jaded, well-trodden path, instead of the path-breaking sound we first heard in 1990.



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