Thursday October 9, 2008

Music review: Aegan (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Posted by Karthik

Aegan is the perfect example of an entire crew pandering brazenly to a star, like many other star crews from Tamil Nadu. So, you have a soundtrack which forgets to mention the lyricist anywhere in the CD sleeve and starts with an uninspiring inspirational track, Odum varayil and a disheveled Hey salaa. Chale jaise hawayein equivalent, Yahoo, is non-descript, while Kichu kichu sounds like a leftover from the composer’s earlier Billa. The only solace is the trendy, jazz-tinged Hey baby, the Latino-styled Tumhe jo maine’s Tamil counterpart. After stellar music in Saroja, Yuvan seems crippled in front of starry demands!

Keywords: Ajithkumar, Ajith Kumar, Ajith, Nayantara, Raju Sundaram, Main Hoon Na, Shah Rukh Khan, Zayed Khan, Sushmita Sen, Amrita Rao, Anu Malik



  • Agree with you totally, star worship destroys the movie’s music in most of the cases! Didn’t expect much from this anyway.

  • viraajan

    Oops and LOL, former for the expectations i had on this album and the latter for the first 39 words in your review.
    U hit the nail on head. Yes, music for audience is now changed as music for the star!

    Am very much disappointed with this album (going by your review. am yet to get the CD).

    Initially I was skeptical about Aegan album. But later, the sky hype gave me some hopes! Especailly the Ajith-Yuvan combo!

    I feel that Raju Sundaram could have stuck to Harris which was the initial decision. But ajith wanted Yuvan and roped him in for this! (As per the web sources)!

  • johnson_2412


    it was funny to find main hoon na cast in the tags

    i think yuvan was give very little time for this album…….back to back projects u know
    saroja,aegan,silambattan,and a telugu movie

    guess he’s not like pritam,hehe


    lyrics are bad … yuvan has tried his level best to salvage it but I guess futile efforts … Ye Saala and Odum varum are quite Ok .

    Overall the Album is bad

  • Whatever it may be

    Hey baby is going to hit than previous Jazz songs attempted in India

  • johnson_2412

    “kichu kichu” sounds kinda simliar to enrique iglesias’ “push push back upon me”

  • deepak

    Heard only hey baby song…but going by ur reivew i think its a great dissapointment!!

  • Karthik

    Do I have a reason to be flattered?

    “however, does the CD ever mention the lyricists”

    “you may find that this song is the equivalent of Chale Jaise Hawaiyen”

    “complete with piano and a jazz-y notes” (ok, this is obvious and generic!)

    “Perhaps the composer had to bow down to a film that comes with star-trappings”

    Is Pavithra reading Milliblog regularly?

  • BestMan

    Just for fun, you should add Pavithra’s name to your Hall of Shame on the Itwofs site… 🙂


    its a compliment Karthik , Maybe you should start syndicating or writing for other websites also .

  • s_sylu

    After few listening I feel this not that bad album from Yuvan. It sounds better than ‘Billa’ IMO.

  • Sundar4

    I like Hey Baby…one of the first person to attempt using a big band live number…if only the lyrics were more tasteful…but otherwise the songs were not so good…sad na when a movie has to be so commercial for the star status it has so the songs cannot be freely expressed…

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