Wednesday October 8, 2008

Jotheyali (Kannada – Ilayaraja)

Posted by Karthik

This is a first for Milliblog – 100 words for just one song! And the song that, in my opinion, deserves that respect – Jotheyali from Ilayaraja’s 1980 Kannada film, Geetha! It may be that absolutely stunning backgrounds by Ilayaraja…could be that mesmerizing tune – it all just works like magic, together! This song has been in my playlist for I-forgot-how-many years – it’s just so unbelievably beautiful! The tune is so evergreen that it even works (partly!) in a recent film like Cheeni Kum! Unfortunately, it’s now addressed as ‘that Cheeni Kum’ song when I play it – the original deserves to be known!

Keywords: Shankar Nag, Ilayaraja, Jotheyali, Geetha, Geeta, Kannada film music



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