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Main hoon Romeo oozes faux bravado thanks to Kunal’s routine rendition, while Chhoo le na takes the Latino route, quite predictably. The star studded hip-hop number Cool cool is monotonous with little variation, but for that minor violin in the background! The ballad, So right, is clichéd, with typical fixtures like dreamy sax interludes et […]

Saturday September 27, 2008 22:47

Music review: Abhiyum Naanum (Tamil – Vidyasagar)

Azhagiya kili plays with pathos in a mockingly grand set-up and just sounds weird! Vaa vaa is a Sivaji-styled melody with Madhu Balakrishnan’s vocals that gathers steam mid-way, elegantly – another bit song, Moongil vittu, uses only this portion, interestingly! Ore oru flows like a story book but is just functional, with atrocious pronunciation by […]

Saturday September 27, 2008 22:35

Music review: Guru En Aalu (Tamil – Srikanth Deva)

With a Middle Eastern tinge, Alai paayudhey pointlessly lays its cards right at the outset – the manic kuthu rhythm that the composer adores. Chellame has Udit eating Tamil for a three course meal in a bland tune while Kaadhal Kannadiyil merely rehashes Ek din aap from the film’s original, Yes Boss. Raqeeb’s Tamil qawali, […]

If the former had some chilled-out, high-spirited tracks by Vishal Shekhar, the sequel too has something that is almost there – by composers Pritam and Ashish Pandit. The latter’s opening track, Tha kar ke, is a shameless homage to Reggaeton, but scores very high on the fun quotient, spearheaded by Neeraj Shridhar’s exuberant vocals. Pritam’s […]

Sudha Raghunathan replaces steady favorite, Bombay Jayashree in Anal mele – a soft, heavenly track who’s tune and focused vocals create a fabulously ambient concoction. The mild backgrounds reminiscent of old Telugu numbers, is incredible. The George Michael-Faith inspired Mundhinam and Nenjukkul are breezy – brings that spring in our feet as we sing along, […]

Prasanna Shekhar’s Nee dooramaai ponalum echoes some of his Hindi tracks with limited nativity, but with adequate haunt-value, in tune with theme. Of the two GV Prakash composed songs – Vaa nila works thanks to Mahati’s confident vocals and a simply, hummable tune. Aagaayam irangiya, with husky vocals by Sunitha Sarathy is ambient but disjoint. […]

Amar Mohile’s Pom pom pom is as embarrassing as its title. The rest by Lalit Pandit panders to the crowds! The folk flavor in Nathani utaro and Ayela ayela are accentuated by neat vocals by Sunidhi and Sudesh Bhonsle. Shilpa Rao’s dependable vocals do the trick in the fluffy Love me baby and Oya oya. […]

Sunday September 21, 2008 17:08

Music review: EMI (Hindi – Chirantan Bhatt)

Chori chori is painfully bland, while in Ankhon hi, the composer proves that merely roping Mohit Chauhan doesn’t do the trick – you need a tune that works too, not just rambles along with the guitar. The title song is a total mess, while Aaja aa is a curious combination of some 80s pop backgrounds […]

Sunday September 21, 2008 16:55

Music review: Fashion (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

The cheekily titled Fashion ka jalwa has a calculated catchiness with the right tempo to go with it, while Shruti Pathak’s throaty crooning in Mar jawaan is brilliantly appropriate even as the ambient tune and backgrounds completely envelopes you. Mohit Chauhan and Neha Bhasin do their magic in Kuchh khaas, whose tune seems to be […]

Baagunde and Enduko are predictable, but sweet melodies with the expected lilt, while Merupula is surprisingly very South Indian, right from the rhythms to the way the twisted, flowing tune links with the next line. Valla valla is more like the duo’s music – addictive rap interludes and punchy hooks. Nahi chodunga works thanks to […]

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