Tuesday July 22, 2008

Hare Ram (Telugu, Mickey J Meyer)

Posted by Karthik

The two moody, thematic pieces – Jairam jairam and the theme music – are just marginally involving. Mickey’s vocals in the pop-induced, 80s style Nasha is considerably better. The proceedings get interesting with the milder tracks – the rhythmic Ya kudha zara opening the session impressively with Harish and Kalyani’s vocals. Sariga padani, in Karthik’s crisp, neat vocals and Rahman’ish tune is fantastic. But it’s the lilting Lalijo that defines this soundtrack – incredible singing by Karthik, fresh and innovative orchestration and a mesmerizingly hummable tune! After the youthful Happy Days, the seemingly selective composer Mickey J Meyer continues to impress!

Keywords: Nandamuri Kalyanram, Priyamani, Mickey J Meyer



  • Sai

    It has been a long wait since Happy Days. The three songs you mention make it worth it. Though I probably wouldn’t rate it over the other two, the very catchy Ya Khuda Zara Dekho Na is the one that I listen to more often.

  • Charan

    Lalijo is wonderful!!…Great work by Mickey.J.Meyer..cant stop listening to it!!:)
    Karthik…i dont know y u haven’t given ur review for Devi Sri Prasad’s latest(Not so latest also!!) album Ready..not that the album was great..i want to know if u’ve overlooked some movies or are purposely not giving ur reviews..
    sorry if i’ve offended u or something..2 songs from the movie ready are good…even though we get the “heard before” feeling..

  • Karthik

    I usually listen to most of the soundtracks in the four south Indian languages, besides Hindi. I heard Ready but didn’t consider it worth a review!

  • Arun

    Lalijo is lovely, has that Harris Jayaraj stamp to it. Sariga Padani is terrific – Karthik’s vocals add great value. Ya Khuda is catchy as well.

  • Lajilo is amazing- but don’y u think Karthik that the songs these days have perfect sounds , recording but somehow dont find a place in our hearts ..sure i just instantly liked this one,sakarakatti,saroja but its there in mind but not in hearts – but its just too much of raaja and msv that we are used to i guess πŸ™‚

  • PonzIe

    ‘Sariga Padani’ is a number which you’d like to play during a drizzling lonely night with little light. Rich sound of Harini is overshadowed a bit by agile Karthik in ‘Lalijo’.
    These two tracks participate to herald the change in Trend as Tollywood excels a slow conversion from its old formula.

  • johnson_2412


    im waiting for ur review of Baladhur by K.M.Radhakrishnan,its a telugu movie………..

  • Karthik

    Have got Baladhoor and I like what I’ve heard so far. Review in a couple of days!

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