Thursday July 17, 2008

God Tussi Great Ho (Hindi, Sajid Wajid)

Posted by Karthik

Let’s party is a lame attempt at the Shankar Ehsaan Loy kind of music, while the title song is an irritating mess. The Aati kya khandala knock-off with the Malad angle, Tujhe aksa beach ghuma doon is surprisingly neat with a childishly catchy tune! Neeraj Shridhar sounds unlike his usual ebullient self in the stylish melody Tumko dekha. Lal chunariya is a out-of-place Gujju style track with a tune that makes me pinch myself and rush to a calendar to check the year. Sajid Wajid may never reach their Partner heights, but manage this soundtrack with two moderately interesting tracks!

Keywords: Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan



  • Rishi

    You always mention Partner like it’s the gold standard for Sajid Wajid – but don’t forget how good the album for The Killer was.

    Sajid-Wajid are a pretty decent duo – not amazing, but better than some of the nonsense peddled out there by the likes of Anu Malik.

  • Karthik

    Rishi: You should check out the Partner review at Milliblog – it had a Killer mention! 🙂

    Partner is indeed their gold standard, since it really brought their name out in the open, finally!

  • pman

    I think Deewaana was a great album produced by Sajid Wajid for Sonu Nigam. All the songs on the album were really good.

  • jaydeep

    Only aksa beach is slightly entertaining. Rest all is sad crap.
    They seem to be a talented duo, hats off to them for composing lagan for tere naam. But its sad after so many years in industry they haven’t found their style yet. Most of the time they’ve been aping their contemporary’s. Lets party in this album is shamelessly SEL, while their Maria from partner was very Anu Malik, Phirta rahoon from killer & Soni de nakhre from Partner again, both although brilliant songs, were very Pritamish and so have been their other creations.
    With Partner they atleast entertained, this one they even fail to do that.

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