Monday June 23, 2008

Kismat Konnection (Hindi, Pritam & Sajid Wajid)

Posted by Karthik

Neeraj Shridhar’s buoyant vocals, rapper Indee’s (surprisingly credited!) bloody catchy hook and Pritam’s overall arrangements make Aai paapi (Tu hai meri soniye) absolutely scintillating. This is one heck of an exuberant track! Bakhuda tumhi ho too works big time – Atif’s magical vocals at work beautifully here, along with Alka Yagnik’s, besides the soulful tune Pritam cooks up. But Move your body is mundane while Is this love is plain routine. So is guest composers Sajid Wajid’s assembly line Soniye ve. But make no mistake – Kismat Konnection’s soundtrack makes the cut just for the first two tracks! Rock on, Pritam!

Keywords: Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Atif Aslam



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  • musicfan

    Hmm…we have to wait and who comes up first with the news about the lifts…:-)

  • Karthik

    I agree, but innocent until proven guilty!

  • Rishi

    I just have this nagging feeling that Bakhuda is lifted…

    But, nonetheless, it’s still great.

  • Chisel

    now it doesnt matter to me if pritam copies song…..
    i m happy tht we r getting such brilliant songs to hear…….if he copies its his problem but i enjoy his music………..
    kismat konnection is gr8
    i think is this love is d best song…there is something special abt it…….

  • narendrabendi

    initial part of move your body now song is from one Jennifer lopez’s song………….sorry if I am wrong…i dont remember the song……..

  • narendrabendi

    the first two lines of “love don’t cost a thing”…….

  • jaydeep

    Bakhuda is simply superb. Atif-Pritam’s magic works yet again, choice of Alka Yagnik just adds to it.

    Aae Paapi is cool. Two things, lyrics don’t fit well, kismat connection seems to be forced in, disturbing flow of words. Neeraj is today’s voice, have followed him since his debut song kya surat hai…but as I had mentioned in other comments earlier, not all arrangements support his voice quality, words seem to get lost amongst beats and synthesized sounds, which happens yet again in this song. I couldn’t figure out the words said ‘Aai paapi’ till I read this reviews, inspite music channels playing it every 2 mins.

    Rest songs are run of the mill kinda stuff.

  • Rishi

    Is Indee the one who does the rap for most Pritam songs? His rapping sounds like the same guy who did the rap (which was quality) for Ada from Garam Masala.

  • Rana

    Hi… Im telling you guys the song Kahin na Laage is a lift from a western song… ive heard the same tune and hum from somwhere else but I just can’t remember… Ive been looking for it.. but this surely is a lift

  • johnson_2412

    The track “Is this love” sounds like a…….usual backstreet boys’ its music and guitar+keyboard combination and the chorus-like in “is this love”……exactly like bsb……….to me at least!!hehe

  • jeanjohny

    i strongly feel that ‘tu hai mere soniye’ is like ‘dil hua hai deewana’from bombay. is indee, the same indi haaza in sakkarakati’ ‘i miss you song’?

  • sun2fs

    The catchy hook of ‘ai paapi’ is inspired from the ‘you’re my love’ part of the ‘you’re my love’ track from the movie ‘Partner’..

  • Chisel

    hey what is this??? you guys are just going gung ho about the lifts…….enjoy the music people, forget abt the lifts…….

  • gokulpai


  • andrea

    I really like this song, tu hai meri soniye… except for one thing…

    the guys sing ay papi … it means oh daddy in spanish… what you’d sing to a *guy* you’re in love with …

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that … but I don’t think it’s quite what the lyricist intended. But wow is it danceable.

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