Monday May 19, 2008

De taali (Hindi, Vishal Shekhar)

Posted by Karthik

Both the title songs – Everybody put your hands together and De taali – are overtly catchy, bubblegum pop – the latter with a mild Indian touch. Shreya Ghoshal is scintillating in the techno-heavy melody, Aaj main boond, while Anushka does the honors admirably in the lovely, lilting Hone lagi. Maari teetri, despite Raja Hasan’s vocals and a massy rhythm, is terribly clichéd while the very unique Tooti phooti is captivating for the Panchamesque tune and chilled out arrangements. But for their penchant for obviously routine sounds, De taali has some cool and funky tracks in true Vishal Shekhar style!

Keywords: Ritesh Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Ayesha Takia



  • pman

    Hone Lagi grows on you. Lovely melody. The same goes for Aaj main boond. After a dissapointing Bhootnath , VS are back in thier comfort zone.

  • sandm

    ya put ur hands together i s routine but had a starnge catchy thing with it vs prooves they have substance and i dont think bhoothnath is a dissappointment going with the set up of the film

  • jaydeep

    Yup agree with the review..word to word. Cool & funky in true signature VS style. My 4 year old goes crzz with Everybody put your hands together…has got on her with the very first listen. Good work by VS again.

  • gokulpai


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