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Saturday May 31, 2008 12:19

Taran’s digs on Naachgaana, hastey hastey!

Taran Adarsh’s review of the film, Hastey hastey takes his personal animosity towards Naachgaana founder Rohit Karan Batra to new heights when he writes in the second sentence of his review, “The story idea, credited to one Rohit Batra, is so tacky, so banal, so obsolete, so lifeless that you break into a big yawn […]

Thursday May 29, 2008 21:37

Babul Supriyo (Hindi, Assorted composers)

Sunoh’s ballad’ish tune is charming – Kkunal Sam’s arrangements are easy on the ears. Tu aa bhi ja – credited to Take That’s Beautiful World track, Patience – is uneven in Hindi. Subrato Ghosh and Joyit Lahiri’s Gungunade is lilting with fantastic arrangements by Joel. But, Joel’s composition in Yaadein, along with Nachiketa Chakraborty’s Halka […]

Wednesday May 28, 2008 20:33

Haal-e-dil (Hindi, Assorted composers)

Raahat’s version of the title song is better than Rekha Bharadwaj’s, though both have too familiar a Vishal tune. Raghav’s two songs – Rang and Khwahish offer precious little, while Anand Raaj Anand contributes with the surprisingly decent Jeeta hoon and Rani – both with delightful vocals by Sonu Nigam and an old-worldly charm in […]

With effervescent arrangements and a simple, lovely tune, Premani impresses instantly. The friendship song, Dost, goes one level up – bubbly, catchy and excellent orchestration conjured by the debutant composer. Karthik’s vocals are very apt in the world-has-hope melody track, Leletha puvvele while the techno number Tell me, albeit lyrically interesting, is routine, in terms […]

Monday May 26, 2008 21:55

Love Story 2050 (Hindi, Anu Malik)

With its dose of assembly-line techno phrases, Kay Kay’s Aa gaya hun mein and Kunal’s Sach kehna are reasonably good, even as the moth-balled tune doesn’t gel with the mod arrangements. Jaane kaisi hai is trademark Anu Malik and is at least 10 years behind time. Alisha’s Lover boy is plain cheesy while Mausam achanak […]

Sunday May 25, 2008 12:25

Aamir (Hindi, Amit Trivedi)

It may be Murtuza-Qadir…the Rahman-touch, I mean! Amit Trivedi’s opening track, Ha raham is absolutely scintillating. Very Rahman’ish in its approach to the sufi tune, the bang-on arrangements and super singing. Amit gets behind the mike with amazing confidence in Chakkar ghumyo – yet another tune-driven song which wows with its frenzied vocals and mesmerizing […]

Sunday May 25, 2008 08:52

Summer 2007 (Hindi, Gourov Dasgupta)

Baali main sone waali is an interesting techno-Maharastrian folk track that high on catchy rhythms and fab vocals by Sunidhi. I just wanna fly has ambitious arrangements, but a terribly average tune. Jaage hain is the highlight of the soundtrack – excellent rock base, with a lot of variations in the tune. However, Jaaniye Teri […]

Despite the 80s arrangements, and both Udit and Shreya sounding very 80’ish themselves, the melody in Maine hawa ke paron pe is endearing! The title song however just meanders and is painfully boring. Shamma shamma uses one of Vidyasagar’s chartbuster Tamil songs as a base but sounds pretty routine in Hindi. The soundtrack is largely […]

Composing trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy seem to have been stuck by the deadly Yash Raj sting where everything is stuck in never land, with little progress. Unlike Tashan, where Vishal Shekhar took us on an eclectic joyride, director Kunal Kohli strangles the trio into submission and gets trite, banal tracks. Including the breezy Pyaar ke […]

Tuesday May 20, 2008 20:58

Ada (Hindi, A R Rahman)

Ishq ada’s free-flowing sufi-tinged music has a trance like charm while Hawa sun’s gentle melody is reminiscent of Rahman’s Taal score. Gumsum sounds like a standard Bollywood product, with minor Rahman’ish twists and Gulfisha, despite the stylish orchestration, just passes muster. The composer croons the best track of the album, the dulcet, Meherbaan. Chitra’s Tu […]

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