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Monday January 28, 2008 20:32

Black & White (Hindi – Sukhwinder Singh)

Main chala/ chali is plain, with a pedestrian tune, with even more banal backgrounds. The composer puts his vocals to better use in Peer manavan, a lively shaadi number but Yeh hindustan hai is annoyingly trite with even more clichéd lyrics. With a genuinely interesting rhythm pattern and adventurous orchestration, Jogi aaya is lovely. This […]

Monday January 28, 2008 20:30

Pirivom Sandhippom (Karu Pazhaniappan)

Pirivom Sandhippom’s script and screenplay is nothing short of a miracle in a state which thrives on loud, shocking or sudden twists in everything – films, megaserials or politics! It’s a simple story, told elegantly, with simple, delightful touches of emotion and sparkling dialogs. I continue to not like Cheran in front of the camera […]

Saturday January 26, 2008 14:03

Race (Hindi – Pritam)

Pritam’s Neeraj fixation continues pretty well in Race saanson ki, spectacularly showcasing the composer’s mastery over sound, while Atif’s passionate vocals considerably elevate an otherwise middling tune in Pehli nazar mein. Dekho nashe carries the trademark Jesse Cook sound and is appropriately catchy. Taz and Monali steal the show with their sprightly vocals in the […]

Saturday January 26, 2008 07:58

Humsafar (KK)

After a Bryan Adamesque Pal (1999), KK – one of India’s finest playback singers – returns with Humsafar, with a slightly more pronounced rock influence than his debut. The Pritam-styled Aasmaan ke and the marginally Malayalam-fused (ode to KK’s native state, huh?) Raina bhai kaari are the best of the lot. The mellow Humsafar and […]

Monday January 21, 2008 20:41

Superstar (Hindi – Shamir Tandon)

Rekha Bharadwaj is scintillating in the haunting Aankhon se, ably supported by Ustad Sultan Khan, while Raaj’s fresh, unconventional vocals glisten in the sing-alongish guitar track Ajnabi. Dont I Love Or Do I Love U, despite Adnan Sami and Sunidhi’s zippy vocals and some groovy hip-hoppish backgrounds, is rather mediocre. Rafa dafa, despite the multitude […]

Sunday January 20, 2008 12:01

Jodhaa Akbar (Hindi – A R Rahman)

Azeem-o-shaan has Rahman playing with orchestral opulence truly fit for an emperor, in a fragmented, rhythm-dominated context. The most interesting part is the blend of very Indian pieces amidst grand Mughal splendor, perhaps fittingly mirroring the relative importance of the film’s two protagonists. In lamhon ke daaman mein, for most parts, is serenely beautiful and […]

Tuesday January 15, 2008 11:21

Saadhu Mirandaa (Tamil – Deepak Dev)

Needhaana needhaana is a pleasant and enjoyable hip-hop mix but Raamanaa porandhaalum, while using a hip-hop template again, is pedestrian. Jyothsana and Srinivas’ impressive vocals work well in the slow and tuneful Aagaayam kaanaamal. Vijay Yesudas’ Habibi is adequately dancy with catchy rhythms, while Puyalodu mothidum is nothing more than a noisy mélange of disparate […]

Sunday January 13, 2008 18:58

Kalloori (Tamil – Balaji Shaktivel)

Kalloori is a brilliant example of perfect casting – Akhil, the girl who plays Kayalvizhi and the rest of the gang, and of course Tamanna, who’s ticket to fame till recently was being mistakenly identified online as the infamous bar girl Tarannum – the casting here simply steals the show. The milieu, dialogues and the […]

Sunday January 13, 2008 10:01

Pollaadhavan (Tamil – Vetrimaaran)

Despite the clichés, (songs, scrawny lead actor!) director Vetrimaaran succeeds with Pollaadhavan mainly through the masterful screenplay that spins an unusual tale with things progressively spinning out of control, much to our surprise! As for the scrawny lead, director Shankar, when he was re-launching Prabhudeva (post Indu!) in Kaadhalan, placed a minor Karate learning shot […]

Wednesday January 9, 2008 20:58

Vaana (Telugu – Kamalakar)

Telugu producer MS Raju may have the remake rights of the Kannada trendsetter Mungaru Male, but that doesn’t give him the license to avoid Mano Murthy’s name for the four tracks his composer (Kamalakar) has lifted in the Telugu version. And worse, the cover versions are bland and lack all the zing of the Kannada […]

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