Tuesday September 11, 2007

Tamil M.A (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Posted by Karthik

Some of Yuvan’s Pudhupettai orchestral brilliance trickles down to Innum oru iravu which sets a fabulously eerie and ambient tone to the soundtrack. Yuvan’s intentionally coarse diction and singing only adds to the feel! But the same voice tortures in Unakkaagathaane, even though the tune is genuinely interesting. Thankfully, he stops singing and hands the reign over to Rahul who delivers a knockout in Para para pattaampoochi. This one proves beyond doubt that Yuvan is indeed a chip off the ‘ol block, with shades of Ilayaraja’s ingenuity in every part of the track – backgrounds, choice of instruments and that gorgeous tune! The ol’ man himself chips in on Paravayin koottil, a haunting track on the pangs of separation. In some indirect way Raaja’s age-withered voice adds a considerable mood to the song’s theme, though Yuvan shines in the sparkling interludes and the disparately alluring rhythm! Vaazhkkai enbadhu has some of the most innovative backgrounds in recent times and is perhaps the most commercial track in the album. But, make no mistake, this one too is vibrantly different and the completely broken tune pattern lends to its uniqueness. Tamil MA is a solid and stirring triumph of Yuvan’s composing skills.

Keywords: Jeeva, Tamizh MA, Tamil MA, Thamizh MA, M.A

Note: Very well deserved 200 words!



  • there is no doubt about yuvan’s talent. He can reach No.1 position but he has to give very good albums continuously and should avoid remix.

  • To be frank, Yuvan is quite a horrible singer for 2 reasons:
    1. He sings off-shruthi most of the times. So its a torture listening to his voice.
    2. His tamil pronunciation is awful considering he is the son of IR who is a proponent of correct diction while singing a language.
    Every Music Dir wants to enter the singing bandwagon, whether they sing well or not. Only IR, Rahman according to me are good singers as they choose the songs which suits their unique voices.

  • vinodhg

    Hello Prakash,

    I do agree with you about Yuvan’s singing style, its a real pain to listen to his voice.


  • viraajan

    nice to see such an enlightening review.
    youvan should quit singing!!!

    as sanjeevi said, u1 can easily reach no1 position if he stops signing 10 movies a year!!!

    just on looking at this review, i guess that this album wud fetch u1 some awards!!!

  • viraajan

    nice to see such an good review.

    hope this movie will fetch yuvan some awards.

    yes. u1 can easily reach no 1 if he stops commiting 10 movies a year.

  • Karthik

    Yup, singing is a problem in Yuvan’s case. He hasn’t gone out of his off-key range which works only for select tracks, like this film’s drug-induced Innum or iravu!

  • veejay

    Incredibly overrated by Karthik in my opinion. The tunes are pedestrian, the singing ordinary(considering 3 songs are shared between Yuvan and his father). The forced Celtic humming(in Gladiator-like style) and choice of rhythm instruments seem to show signs of desperate and forceful experimentation for the sake of new sounds that doesnt gel with the feel of the song. Compared to this I find the interludes of “oru naaLil”(Pudhupettai) much better and soulful, even if the singing was torrid in that song. There is’nt a single memorable hum-worthy tune here. Maybe the songs are strictly situational, but certainly they dont work well as standalones.

  • Karthik

    veejay: Valid point on the vocals. Agree with you.

    On the other hand, I found the standard of tunes and backgrounds top notch. Much like his dad. Between the tracks, I could sense a certain mood of the film, without being affected by what I have read about the film elsewhere.

    In terms of hum-worthy, I found Para para pattaampoochi very good. But again, just my opinion. Personally I loved Innum or iravu’s feel…even thought everything about it seems calculatedly coarse and unkempt!

  • vinodhg

    Hello Friends,

    Also we miss the feel of IR voice which was given by Yuvan in Nanda, the song is “Engengo Kalgal Selum”, this was amazing number.

    Karthik can add more to it.


    Good one – Reminds me of the Jeeva / YSR / AMEER movie RAAM , the lyrics and the haunting music of this movie tells us that we can except a dark thriller .

    YSR just like Ilayaraja ensures that his music / Songs are relevant to the theme of the movie .

    Every YSR movie is different from the previous one . Amazing variety in his compositions . The only issue seems to be his capability to deliver hits consistently .

  • vvivek

    Ilayaraja rocks in

    paRavaiyae engu irukiraai
    paRakkavae ennai azhakkiraai
    thadayangaL thaedi varugiRaen


    Another potential superhit number after his recent hit number “ariyatha vayasu” in paruthi veeran.

  • ashok

    Hi everybody, posted comments above, yuvan is a “master” in BGM, songs composing, also in singing. His voice is really different, I fyou people dont agree please listen to some of the songs sung by yuvan, also
    please listen to the humming in between the song, one good example is iyyaiyo song humming by yuvan. Please listen and comment to this post…

  • viraajan


    not all the songs suit his voice. few songs suit well while rest dont. eg. yedhedho song from pattiyal perfectly suits his voice, but pogathe song of deepavali does not. im my view pogathe song is spoiled just coz of his voice.
    but himself he admitted in an interview that he is a very bad singer. jus coz directors force him to render his voice, he does it.
    but, when himself he realizes that he is not a good singer, should he not turn down when dirs compel him to sing a song?


    yuvan has a very diff voice – coarse ,somewhat similar to A.R.Rahman because of which there are limitations on the type of songs he can sing . One song in an album is ok . The problem starts when he tries to lend his voice for all types of songs .

  • mahendran

    YSR is no doubt the best young musician in india…with his mixing of modern n folk beats…will continue to catch the hearts of many…n mine was one of it….way to go YSR

  • Sundar4

    very soulful and touching album….i agree a very well deserved 200 words!!! i think his singing gives the right feel…sometimes u just dont want a perfectly sung song it has to be raw to get the right emotion across!…
    beautiful album indeed…

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