Friday July 20, 2007

DIVA (Malaysian, Mithoon)

Posted by Karthik

Diva’s lead star, Ning Baizura croons with a fantastic range in Bintang impianku – marked by the composer’s now-trademark keyboard backgrounds. In contrast, Kasih is a mellow melody punctuated with pleasant backgrounds. Beyond the groovy prelude and rap phrases, Nafas dan hidup settles down to an easy, rhythmic pop structure. Padamkan ragu is the pick of the soundtrack, since its the closest in style to Mithoon’s limited, catchier Indian offerings. Menanti kekasih sounds like a pucca traditional folk piece, with English verses thrown in. Despite the highly alien language, Diva is a fairly unique and musically rich offering by Mithoon.

Keywords: Mithoon Sharma, Atif Aslam, Tere bin, Bas ek pal, DIVA, AC Mizal, Awal Ashaari, Jeremy Thomas, Jessica Iskandar, AF Adam, Ning Baizura, Sharad Sharan, Malaysian film OST



  • Rishi

    Intruiging. Where can I listen to this?

  • Karthik

    I got the CD sent by one of this site’s visitors – based in Penang. Found the tracks online too…you want me to send the links to your mail ID?

    I wouldn’t ideally want to share it in the public.

  • Karthik, could you mail the links]

  • sunshine76

    karthik, can you please send me the links to my mail id:


  • arun_verma

    karthik – can I have a listen in as well – arun_verma AT – thanks!

  • rakesh

    Hi karthik
    is it possible to obtain a copy from any music shop… music world in chennai seem to be clueless… please let me know regarding where it is available online

  • Karthik

    rakesh: Based on Mithoon’s recent popularity, I believe they’re planning an Indian audio release too. Besides that, the lot of the film’s technical crew, including the director is Indian. Have mailed you the possible online link to listening the songs.

  • amresh4u

    U can jus go to youtube and search for the movie songs(diva)….i guess all the songs r uploaded there

  • rakesh

    Hi karthik,
    I hope u caught the promos of mithoon’s aggar…
    there r songs played on air “nacch le” and “ke bin tere”
    would be nice if u can share ur views..

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