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Arabu naade, with a surprise Hindi opening, packs in a fantastic punch, with its perfectly in-sync rhythms and an arresting mid segment. Vittaal has thoughtfully played, alluring percussion, along with Ranjeeth’s peppy vocals. Vaadi vambu has a distinct Rahman flavor but this one, as also Ennai pidichcha, is largely lackluster. Vijay Yesudas’ Valayal karangal belies […]

Wednesday July 4, 2007 20:50

Maamadurai (Tamil, Karthikraja)

The talented Karthikraja continues to wallow in mediocre films and Maamadurai seems to have all the necessary ingredients of being z-grade. The 5 song soundtrack does carry a mild ray of hope, with 2 decent tracks. Koondugal ponadhu, a racy track with zingy orchestration reminiscent of the composer’s heydays – read, Ullasam! Ilayaraja’s vocals help […]

Wednesday July 4, 2007 19:14

One Love (A R Rahman)

Besides the obvious joy that we finally have a champion for the singles concept in India, this new attempt by Rahman is perfectly on its mark as far as intentions go. But musically, its surprisingly middling. The rhythm is rather pedestrian. The vanilla hook with a jhum jhum thana fixture doesn’t seem to help much. […]

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