Tuesday June 26, 2007

Kreedam (Tamil, G.V.Prakashkumar)

Posted by Karthik

The instantly pleasing ambient sounds, exotic orchestration and luscious melodies in Akkam pakkam and Vizhiyil sound much like early-day Rahman but Kaneer is a serious letdown considering its a routine ‘pathos’ song we had forgotten! The composer and his tune go haywire in the mandatory intro number for the severely hackneyed Vilayaadu and even the theme just meanders. But Kanavellaam has enough stuff in terms of lyrics (father-son dialog) and those mild orchestral tweaks to catch your attention and sustain it. Despite three solid melodies, G.V.Prakash Kumar would be better off differentiating himself from his peers.

Keywords: Kireedam, Kreedom, Kreedam, Kridam, Kridom, Mohanlal, Thilagan, Ajit, Ajith, Ajithkumar, Trisha

Note: Kreedam music review in Tamil…here!



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