Sunday June 24, 2007

Bow Barracks Forever (Hinglish, Neel Dutt)

Posted by Karthik

Jab maine has Shaan jiving to cute, school-boy angst and a neat, stereotyped rock and roll. Dominique does well in Home – a nostalgic solo, while Usha Uthup’s Teri meri – however lively it sounds – is seeped in monotony. Anjan Dutt’s evocative, John Denver’ish title song is no patch on his better Bengali tracks but Dibyendu’s rendition in the latino-tinged Dance through the night is better. Father-son duo Anjan & Neel perform their best in the themes, even though their relative influences are apparent. Neel Dutt’s music in this soundtrack is perhaps as limited as the community the film highlights.

Keywords: Anjan Dutta, Pritish Nandy, Lilette Dubey, Neha Dubey, Moon Moon Sen, Victor Banerjee, Anglo Indian community



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