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Saturday June 9, 2007 21:20

Speed (Hindi, Pritam)

Wanna wanna is the pick of this soundtrack, for its pretty appealing hook and sprightly vocals by Shaan and Sunidhi. Hello is plain silly and I sincerely hope the makers have blocked the mobile number being used as the song’s highlight. The hip-hop flavored Tikhi tikhi and trance-infused Loving you work decently on the instant-gratification […]

Saturday June 9, 2007 20:26

Bheja Fry (Director: Sagar Ballary)

Having finally endured this recent toast of the multiplex generation, I’m not entirely sure who I’m supposed to be laughing at. The audience is idiot number one, for, what we have been passed in the name of a film has a script/ screenplay lifted 98% from its uncredited source, Francis Veber’s Le Dîner de cons […]

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