Tuesday May 29, 2007

Thee Nagar (Tamil, Jassie Gift)

Posted by Karthik

Neeye en and Kaapatha mudiyala have incredibly silly and coarse lyrics. But while the former has an interesting sound and tune, the latter actually has a vintage Ilayaraja style rhythm and tune pattern – the only issue is that we’re quite far from the 80s now! Kadavul edhukku is highly sleep-inducing. Oththa pulla and Kalagakkara use familiar folk tunes, in rather staid packages. Ayiram ayiram is so amateurish in every sense – tune, sound, interludes, lyrics, choice of instruments – it’s shocking that it’s from an established composer. Jassie Gift, as a composer, indeed seems a flash in the pan!

Keywords: Karan, Udayathara, Jassie Gift



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