Friday May 25, 2007

Jhoomo re (Kailasa)

Posted by Karthik

Beyond the fact that a unique voice like Kailash Kher’s does bring a certain fatigue, the Kailasa band innovates exceptionally well in the rich orchestration, choice of instruments and the tunes! The manic, trance-like Bam lahiri, the thoroughly imaginative sounds of Joban Chhalke and the pop-philosophy in Jhoomo re resonates beautifully in Kailash’s vocals. The ballad-like Saiyyan has a restrained Kailash doing full justice to its ghazal’ish blend even as Tere naina is loaded with appropriately rich backing chorus and dreamy interludes! Khusro’s words in Chhap tilak is treated well with the sound of rain and delightful vocalizing effects. Daulat shohrat’s rich prelude paves way for a thoughtfully penned track while the reggae’ish Yaar sajan and retro, filmi-pathos-styled Tu meri jaan hai are extremely ear-friendly. This second album by Kailasa actually is a lot more rewarding than the debut…and to think I loved that one! The CD credits Kailash for the compositions and that says a lot about this man, since he has captured a myriad range of moods across this 9 track album. Special kudos to the backing vocals and the overall packaging of tracks by the 10 member Kailasa as they produce this knock-out of a second coming!

Keywords: Kailash Kher, Amir Khusro

Kailasa are: Kailash Kher, Naresh Kamath, Paresh Kamath, Kurt Peters, Sanket Athale, Rinku Rajput, Sameer Chiplunkar, Debyajyoti Dutta (Jonqui), Sankarshan Kini and Tejasvi Rao

Note: This album deserves the 200 word review and the above list is ‘cos I felt that the readers of this blog should know the others behind Kailasa, along with Kailash Kher.



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