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The title song is a typical techno track on the lines of crazy frog – simple and predictable. Khula aasmaan’s lyrics by Irfan Siddique and KK’s vocals save it since it has a standard indi-pop sound. The kids chorus in Sunday in interesting, but is better seen, than heard. Dhoom dhadaka has some innovative and […]

Tuesday May 29, 2007 19:14

Thee Nagar (Tamil, Jassie Gift)

Neeye en and Kaapatha mudiyala have incredibly silly and coarse lyrics. But while the former has an interesting sound and tune, the latter actually has a vintage Ilayaraja style rhythm and tune pattern – the only issue is that we’re quite far from the 80s now! Kadavul edhukku is highly sleep-inducing. Oththa pulla and Kalagakkara […]

Tuesday May 29, 2007 06:28

Dharm OST (Hindi, Debajyoti Mishra)

Dharm’s soundtrack is no doubt aligned tightly with the kind of theme the movie deals with, but some of the pieces are only 20+ seconds long that I wonder why the makers even added it in the soundtrack. In terms of songs, Bhaee bhor, Uphaar and Piya bole are decent enough, but along with the […]

Tuesday May 29, 2007 06:10

Swami OST (Nitin Arora, Sony Chandy)

I really admire debutant director, choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s idea to make a realistic, dance-unfriendly film! But the soundtrack, for all its grand and refined sound by Nitin Arora and Sony Chandy, does only one thing for me – what starts as a very happy picture in the title song, Naa tin dhinna and Mumbai jaayenge, […]

Friday May 25, 2007 18:15

Jhoomo re (Kailasa)

Beyond the fact that a unique voice like Kailash Kher’s does bring a certain fatigue, the Kailasa band innovates exceptionally well in the rich orchestration, choice of instruments and the tunes! The manic, trance-like Bam lahiri, the thoroughly imaginative sounds of Joban Chhalke and the pop-philosophy in Jhoomo re resonates beautifully in Kailash’s vocals. The […]

Wednesday May 23, 2007 20:33

Himesh and the love/hate dichotomy

Quite a few people have mailed me with extreme annoyance and complete disbelief – ‘Why are you a member in both Himesh fans and Hate-Himesh groups at Orkut?’ Are we supposed to take a stand and join groups accordingly? I’m there in both groups only to understand how and why both sets of people react. […]

Tuesday May 22, 2007 20:35

Apne (Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya)

Ankh vich and Mehfuz have all the trappings of a standardized Himesh track, topped with his strong nasality (!) but strangely, the tunes are pretty good. Dekhoon tujhe has some ambient gothic backgrounds and the two things that annoy include the main song and that morose rhythm! The earthy simplicity in the title song and […]

With 3 versions, you expect Kaun hoon main to be the highlight. But the track, by background score masters Ashu-Dhruv reeks of an indi-pop sound typical of small-budget movies with newcomers, that has been adopted by a huge production house, for no particular reason. The same applies for every other lifeless track here…barring the title […]

Friday May 18, 2007 07:44

Awarapan (Hindi – Assorted composers)

Awarapan is almost a Pakistani soundtrack! Roxen’s To phir aao is breathtaking no doubt, but three versions sounds a bit too much! Roxen lead Mustafa’s voice goes completely against him in Tera mera rishta, even though the track is pretty well arranged. Another Pakistani artist, Annie, brings her very successful bubblegum pop, Mahiya in the […]

Thursday May 17, 2007 21:50

Ammuvaagiya Naan (Tamil – Sabesh-Murali)

Mathangi excels in the Ilayaraja’ish Kadale. Those exotic interludes, in particular, reek of vintage Raja style, even as the mellifluous tune is expertly arranged with clear focus on thoughtful lyrics and interesting sounds of typewriter for a prelude! One of the composer duo, Sabesh tries his hand in crooning the male version of Kadale and […]

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