Tuesday April 24, 2007

Sagar Ballary fries Francis Veber’s bheja!

Posted by Karthik

Sagar Ballary, debutant Director of Bheja Fry says, in a recent Hindu interview, “There was this movie called Dinner Game, which inspired me”. He also says, “I have adapted the content. Maybe structurally I have borrowed from the film but that is a form of creative expression”. Excuse me! Bheja Fry is a scene-to-scene lift of the cult French comedy. If you’ve borrowed, the right way to acknowledge that is in the credits of your film. Creative expression, my foot! Jeez, when will these DVD directors learn a lesson? When a MNC production house sues the shit out of them?

Keywords: Bheja Fry, Milind Soman, Sarika, Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak



  • pman

    It is like Pritam saying ‘I have not copied the song , I was inspired by it and worked hard on it to make it sound different’. Sanjay Gupta after copying Old Boy as Zinda has this to say ‘Critics have always accused me of being ahead of the times. About ‘Zinda’ one trade expert told me I have made a film that is 10 years ahead. But if making a film of today means making a ‘No Entry’, I’d rather not be with the times.’

  • correct boss – some of these directors are shameless ..Same with Mahesh b(u)hatt ..He claims all love stories are copied from Romeo Juliet play and hence he cant be accused of plagarism !!!

    We have to appreciate Gautam menon for acknowledging that the movie Pachai ..is adapted from the book derailed ..
    To be honest ,if i have to compare derailed (movie) and pachaikili ,pachaikili wins by miles in the first half ,though the second half is bit of a let down !

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