Thursday April 19, 2007

The Train (Hindi – Mithoon)

Posted by Karthik

Woh ajnabee captivates right from the start – with a catchy stacatto rhythm and an extraordinary singing debut by Mithoon, Shilpa Rao pitching-in equally beautifully. That Dhadkan dhadkan line, besides the conscious absence of a conventional mukhda-antara pattern, is particularly a masterstroke that works very well. KK and Syed Quadri are at their soulful best in Beete lamhein, in the singing and lyrics department respectively. Teri tamanna indicates that Zubeen’s vocals are getting typecast, but Mithoon makes it up with zingy orchestration and adding KK’s vocals appropriately. Mausam has the composer crooning again, impeccably, amidst an ambient rock’ish sound. This track also has some fine nuanced innovations in the song’s pattern – most notably the way Mithoon abruptly ends some of the words that were dragged deliciously earlier on. That leaves us with a slightly out of place The Train – An inspiration, who’s lyrics take the train analogy a bit too far, rather cheesily. Thankfully, Mithoon makes it a fairly enjoyable listen with the impressive backgrounds. Mithoon composes and sings his way through this soundtrack and emerges as one of the most promising musical stars from India, next only to A R Rahman. This kid is on the threshold of superstardom!

Keywords: The Train, Mithoon Sharma, Emraan Hashmi, Sayali Bhagat, Geeta Basra

Note: 200 words. Well deserved!



  • polo246

    Wow, what an album! Probably one of the best albums I’ve heardd in recent times. I can’t even pick my favourite, every single song boasts superb quality. A.R. Rahman? This guy surely has gone pass Rahman comparing Rahman’s recent outings with his.

  • pman

    Karthik,Hope you are right about the talent. I think it is still too early. I had big expectations from Sandesh Shandilya too. We need a break from the Himesh monotone.

  • Karthik

    I understand. But, I haven’t had this kind of a hunch with any other recent composer, so far. Which is why I decided to make such a prediction!

  • sneha

    Haunting and addictive indeed. Maybe I was expecting more from this score. I think you’ve gone a bit over the top with this one.
    Great music nevertheless. Don’t see why the remixes have to be in there. Guess there’s some evils that come with the production house.
    With you on the predictions about Mithoon though. Godspeed!

  • Thanks Sneha! I suppose I can be allowed one over-the-top session in 2 years, thats how long this blog has been in existence πŸ™‚

    But seriously, the most interesting part is that Mithoon’s score here is not very elitist – like Anwar’s 2 tracks or Salim Sulaiman’s Dor, which are considered ‘classy’ by the IndiaFM brigade. Here was a score that was very well tuned, composed and presented but at the same time very easy on the ears – I guess that may have been the reason when you said you expected something more.

    Yes, the remixes were terribly annoying tho.

  • Well, we all should indulge once in a while. And being as high we all are on Mithoon, why not!
    Congrats on completing 2 years man! That’s a long time in byte-years πŸ˜›

  • arun_verma

    Karthik — don’t feel desperate or pressurized to defend your over-the-top reaction — and please don’t use adjectives like ‘classy/’elitist’ or ‘massy’ to defend your over-reaction to music of The Train which while being really good just pales in comparison to Anwar (so how about just Anwar ‘better’ than The Train) :-). The train is a worthy successor to the two Mithoon tracks in Bas ek pal and two recreations done in 2005 and compares very well to another soundtrack which is themetically similar, i.e. Pritam’s Metro. Lets leave it at that. I was hoping for some Anwar styled tracks or even like Kuch ek Tarah from Doorie. BTW, did Mithoon and Atif Aslam have a fallout or such? Mithoon’s singing is NOT the highlight of the album. Arun

  • Karthik

    Arun, I completely agree that Anwar’s music was a lot more satisfying, at least personally. Actually, on second thoughts, the gush of excitement is more to do with the fact that finally we’ve a composer who delivers consistently, in his 4th outing, even though the first 3 outings has 1, 2 and 1 original compositions respectively (Bas ek pal, Anwar, Kuch is tarah) – but even that’s quite something amidst the monotonous drone we get these days.

    Its more to do with having another composer who you look forward to! Pritam is one of them – but there’s that back of the mind thought that he musta lifted this/ that track from somewhere! SEL is another. Rahman will always be one of them. Vishal Shekhar, Salim Sulaiman are also there, but they are occasionally brilliant.

    Ah well, this bubble may burst once someone points to a lift in Mithoon’s compositions – till then, lets have that rare good time!

  • Abhishek.Shetty

    Well, Mithoon impresses but the huge expectations associated with this album kind of lets you down. Mithoon has done a good job, no doubt but this does not match up to any of his previous scores as pointed out by many more people

  • tiya

    I think Mithoon has done a brilliant job
    in Train… also we should remember that
    the music of Anwar belonged to another
    genre and Train belongs to another genre.
    Mithoon rocks.

  • This kid is on the threshold of “superstardom!”

    Let me hear this – Last time you gave 200 words was for mozhi and thats the soundtrack of the year (tamizh),so far !Probably your prediction might be true ..

  • arun_verma

    Karthik – agreed re: your thoughts. I was looking forward to Train just like any other Mithoon fan and while its still playing non-stop in my ipod; I wish he had slipped in a track like Maula, Kuch is tarah or Javeda in there some how..

    BTW, Bas ek pal has 2 original songs by Mithoon — Tere bin and Bas ek pal (title) both of these are also marginally better than the fare (no pun intended) in The Train . Arun

  • Karthik

    Arun: How could I have missed the title song of BEP…my bad! But, I do think that The Train has some better music than that title song, but stuff as good as Tere bin. I also personally consider the 2 tracks in Anwar as Mithoon’s best so far…I’ve forgotten the number of times I’ve been lost in Javeda zindagi…wonderful stuff, that.

  • tiya

    Train music is very different, and well i read in an interview that Mithoon composes the music according to the script of the movie..,Train demanded this kind of urban music, so pls everyone chill.

  • Rishi

    Brilliant soundtrack. Not in the league of Javeda Zindagi and Maula Mere Maula from Anwar, but the entire soundtrack is really, really good. The last time I heard a soundtrack I like this much was Life in a Metro.

    I’m expecting good things from Mithoon.

  • Karthik

    Surprise surprise: Out there on Rediff, Raja Sen actually does a music review! Of The Train. Mithoon really seems to be getting enough well-deserved attention!

  • gokulpai


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