Saturday April 14, 2007

Ajantha (Tamil – Ilayaraja)

Posted by Karthik

Does Ilayaraja use a calendar to track existential things like dates/ year? With an overwhelming dose of déjà vu across this soundtrack, it seems to me that he hasn’t crossed the two decades that the rest of world has. Strangely, that’s what holds this soundtrack! Barring Yaarum and Yaarkku yaar the rest of the tunes are quite bland. Minor flourishes like that awesome prelude in Thoorigai, a resonant Aaye giridhar and the horribly begun Idho changing tracks does help. That however doesn’t absolve three versions of a sleep-inducing Yenge irundhaai. If only this was a native Malayalam/ Telugu film soundtrack….!

Keywords: Ilayaraja, Ramana



  • ohreally

    ~~Al de songs are damn gud except Poduda sakkai podu and Kayyiloru keyboardum.

    Great orchestration n scintillating tunes…

    Engae irunthai (2nd version) – usage of tabla (03:18 – 03:52) in second charam is more like flutter peacock feathers on mah ears. I mean it. Magical interludes wid violins n cello (03:10 – 03:18).

    Similarly, Saxphone (02:51 to 3:16) in 1st version is brillant, backing percussion + cymbols associated wid it sound great. Programmed precussion? in de charams are appreciable.

    Is it K J Jesudas??? I thought vijay Jesudas or his brother. Hopin tat ya’ll understand wut I mean…This song tastes like honey drops in 1000000 flowers. Thank god it’s not a love song. DUH?

    Adding ice to de cake (album) is Keerthanai – Aaye giridhar by Madhumitha. (Sankrit???)

    Thoorigai indri – Excellent usuage of viloins n flute (02:55 – 03:22) are more like conversation (lol) among ’em somethin like “How to name it”. Charam (2nd n 3rd stanza) sounds great; tune is not very contemporary, though. Is it piano or harpichord in de beginning??? Do not miss de viloins + cello n Guitar (01:37 – 01:42). Who can use violins without bow in brillant manner? Dis song is an eg.

    Yaarum thodatha onru – This time, it is romatic Ilayaraja (lol). Though, it starts very normal, however, from ammamma ennul line, dis song would brings romatic mood within ya (ya bet). Hey, again saxs (01:25 to 03:45). Magical interludes wid violins n cello. 80’s kinda flute (03:10 – 03:21), yeah gud 😉 soothing soft beats…

    Yaarukku yaarendru – dis song wid rich orchestration is more like Oratorio… I feel like as if am sittin in de core of Isarel or budapest symphony orchestra…Ya bet! Who is de conductor – Zubin mehta??? lewl

    Engae irunthai by Ilayaraja – soulful

    Revise: Great melodies are price’less’ (Rs 33.00).

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