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Saturday April 14, 2007 12:21

Kisi din (Adnan Sami)

Despite a very simple hook, Teri yaad is eminently hummable thanks to its sprightly music and Adnan’s dreamy vocals. The title song, Kisi din, is a pretty flat composition and may require a star’s presence to make its mark! But the groovy Baarish, the massy and very filmi Salaam walekum and the excellently orchestrated Waqt […]

Saturday April 14, 2007 11:22

Rasiya Saajan (Ismail Darbar)

Rasiya saajan sounds uncomfortably close to HDDCS’s Albela saajan but is no patch on the classic tune – Zubin being its saving grace. The remix is a plain headache. The same Zubin annoys in Ranaiyan which forces him to use a mild nasal twang. Hume maaf kardo carries a similar HDDCS sound almost as if […]

Saturday April 14, 2007 10:42

Ajantha (Tamil – Ilayaraja)

Does Ilayaraja use a calendar to track existential things like dates/ year? With an overwhelming dose of déjà vu across this soundtrack, it seems to me that he hasn’t crossed the two decades that the rest of world has. Strangely, that’s what holds this soundtrack! Barring Yaarum and Yaarkku yaar the rest of the tunes […]

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