Wednesday April 11, 2007

Naan Avan Illai (Tamil – Vijay Antony)

Posted by Karthik

Then kudicha and Macha kanni are childish and lame in every way. After a spirited start, Kakka kaaka goes completely haywire despite some groovy orchestration. Radha kaadhal is at best a hurried mish mash. En enakku and Nee kavidhai pretty much save the soundtrack from total mediocrity. Both are eminently hummable and very well strung together – Sangeetha Rajeshwaran and Megha are particularly impressive in these songs, respectively. Who are these singers, btw? Like Bharadwaj, there’s something strange about Vijay Antony’s tunes and orchestration that they sound quite different from the usual stuff. Just that there are more misses than hits.

Keywords: Jeevan, Sneha, Namita, Keerti Chawla, K Balachandar



  • I have never celebrated nor disliked Vijay Antony’s songs ,to be honest ..His tunes are new and his interludes are fresh – an amalgam of every composer we new in TN ,still its his own identity ..

    Here – Esp his interludes of Nee kavidhai is superb !Probably its time for Vijay Antony to use SPB or Hariharan to crossover the blocks we have in our mind πŸ™‚

  • narasimman

    kaartik maams

    There is an interesting story about jaydev the singer of the song ean enakku. He shot to fame in Dishoom’s “Nenjankootil”. His real name is koushik and he was a school mate of mine. I didn’t realize he became a professional singer. If i remember correctly he went to do his MBA from IMT ghaziabad. The best part is , when he appeared on Sun TV for a program , they asked him where is he from to which he replied he is a native of New DELHI and he learnt tamil just 3 years back. They kept asking him ivvalavu nalla tamil pesureengaley and he kept replying back i am a fast learner. Now i don’t know why some one would do that unless there is a bias in the film industry or is it cool to say you are from North India.


  • Karthik

    Thats really strange! Unless you’re truly mistaken about his identity, that is. There’s indeed a bias, though, but he need not hide his South Indian connections in Sun TV. Zee/ Sony – yes!

  • narasimman

    Some of my school mates who were close with him did confirm that he changed his name to jaydev etc… So he is the guy..

    my thought was maybe the composers were looking for some one with a north indian accent to sing tamil songs and thats why he is doing this or may be because he is a tambrahm and there is a bias against them..and he is hiding that by saying he is a northie..

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