Sunday April 8, 2007

Mozhi (Tamil film, Dir: Radhamohan)

Posted by Karthik

Mozhi is truly an achievement, for Director Radhamohan. Azhagiya Theeye is definitely not a flash in the pan. There are so many minute flourishes in Mozhi that you wonder if the director was on a roll coming up with all of them at one go – it sure is a creative marathon! Prithviraj seems like a modern version of Bhagyaraj with similar mannerisms and dialogue delivery, but is earnest in his portrayal of Karthik. Prakashraj delivers a crowd-pleasing comic supporting character and had me in splits most of the times. Swarnamalya is extremely likeable in a small, but very meaningful role. Brahmanandam understandably hams to very good effect while MS Bhaskar’s character is the surprise packet, ably handled. Jyotika comes up with a superlative performance even though there are a few scenes where she displays traits of disabilities other than hearing and speaking – I guess the films we’ve made in the past on similar people have left an indelible and unnecessary impression. Vidyasagar is in excellent form even in the background music. My small grouse was the key scene where Jyotika watches Prithviraj interact with a deaf/ mute flower seller girl – makes for very, very contrived imagination. A Mumbaiyya heroine, a Malayalee hero, a Telugu comedian and a Kannadiga producer come together to make a heartwarming and delightful Tamil movie…sure signs that Tamil filmdom is heading in the right direction. I sure look forward to a sequel to Mozhi…doesn’t it sound like an interesting thought? Think about it!

Keywords: Prakashraj, Prithviraj, Jyotika, Brahmanandam, Swarnamalya, Vidyasagar

Note: This is THE longest review in Milliblog ever. Lets see if Director Radhamohan elicits a longer one with his next film! This one deserves it. If you haven’t watched this one, do yourself a favor and watch it soon!



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