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Sunday April 8, 2007 18:59

Mozhi (Tamil film, Dir: Radhamohan)

Mozhi is truly an achievement, for Director Radhamohan. Azhagiya Theeye is definitely not a flash in the pan. There are so many minute flourishes in Mozhi that you wonder if the director was on a roll coming up with all of them at one go – it sure is a creative marathon! Prithviraj seems like […]

Bombay Jayashree’s vocals and Dhina’s minimally inventive orchestration captivates in Uppu kallu. Sangan vaithu takes off from a really popular villu paattu and branches into a trendy rehash. Is Kaadhal enbadhu accomplished classical singer OS Arun’s film debut? I don’t know, but this commonplace pathos track is perhaps not the best way to debut. Oorellaam […]

One of Kannada’s top composers, Gurukiran, enters the Tamil scene in Parattai engira azhagu sundaram, though he has perhaps been forced to reuse the same six tunes as the film’s very successful Kannada original, Jogi. Engeda azhagundhan and Chikku bukku railu are reasonably enjoyable but abound with jarring and meaningless lyrics. SPB’s Aarupadai veedu is […]

Sunday April 8, 2007 08:01

Raqeeb (Hindi – Pritam)

KK pulls off a superbly orchestrated – with amazing pauses – Jaane kaise in an uncharacteristic low pitch while Gayatri Ganjawala has been assigned a very trendy and more than adequately improvised rip-off* of Pashto singer Rahim Shah’s song of the same name, in Channa ve channa. Dushmana’s racy sound camouflages a rather predictable tune […]

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