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Friday April 6, 2007 22:37

Syllable-abuse in southern film music

Former Outlook journalist Krishna Prasad’s rant about Kannada composers using non-Kannada singers seems justified, but as a Tamilian, I’ve been through this phase and somehow managed to extricate myself out of Udit Narayan’s Tamil syllable-abuse. To be fair, Sonu and Sadhna have genuinely improved recently. However, attributing this trend to a possible lack of self-esteem […]

Friday April 6, 2007 22:31

Muchacha Latina (Remo Fernandes)

Muchacha Latina is almost a conventional, catchy Santana song except for inane Hindi lyrics. The cult pub fave Flute Song gets a kick-in-the-butt makeover in Flute Kick Remix, but the techno rhythms just doesn’t fit. Music teacher and Aayiye are noisy and very 90s. Remo shouts his way through Mumbai city and Shambo, but he’s […]

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