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Sunday April 29, 2007 17:16

Pallikoodam (Tamil – Bharadwaj)

Meendum pallikku is a lyrics-driven track like Gnabagam varudhey, but the excessive nostalgia is getting tiresome. Is that charukesi I hear in Indha nimidam? Lovely stuff! Ramji’s isai mazhalai uses appropriate kids’ chorus in Kaadu padhunguromay and 9 manikku, to highlight the joys of being kids and being in school. Manasu marugudhey has a simple […]

Saturday April 28, 2007 12:42

Aap Kaa Surroor (Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya)

Aap kaa surroor is a case of Himesh-overdose. The tunes are bad – with the exception of Tera mera milna and perhaps, Assalam Vaalekum. The singing is exasperating. The number of tracks (2 CDs) is terribly scary. And, if I may complain, there are way too many vowels in the film’s title. Considering this is […]

Thursday April 26, 2007 21:12

Fool N Final (Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya)

Yeh dooriyan calls out Shakira! With Shaheed Kapoor doing a Justin Timberlake, this is pretty catchy, more so because Himesh is out of his comfort zone in terms of composition and also lets Hanif Sheikh croon. Tere layee also has a reasonably different and enjoyable sound, barring that repetitive intermittent sound-bits, that have since become […]

Tuesday April 24, 2007 21:08

Sagar Ballary fries Francis Veber’s bheja!

Sagar Ballary, debutant Director of Bheja Fry says, in a recent Hindu interview, “There was this movie called Dinner Game, which inspired me”. He also says, “I have adapted the content. Maybe structurally I have borrowed from the film but that is a form of creative expression”. Excuse me! Bheja Fry is a scene-to-scene lift […]

Sunday April 22, 2007 15:39

Good sons, proud fathers!

What’s with failed/ neglected composers’ sons making it big with a vengeance in Indian film music? Sardar Malik, RK Shekar, Naresh Sharma…we do have the more popular Roshan as exception, though. But, I wonder what goes on in their minds when they finally made it. Anu Malik says, “The fact that he never made it […]

Thursday April 19, 2007 05:59

The Train (Hindi – Mithoon)

Woh ajnabee captivates right from the start – with a catchy stacatto rhythm and an extraordinary singing debut by Mithoon, Shilpa Rao pitching-in equally beautifully. That Dhadkan dhadkan line, besides the conscious absence of a conventional mukhda-antara pattern, is particularly a masterstroke that works very well. KK and Syed Quadri are at their soulful best […]

Tuesday April 17, 2007 18:56

Urchagam (Tamil – Ranjit Barot)

Zubeen and Kunal Ganjawala add to the syllable abuse in Tamil, but the songs, Kangal and Nanbha, have the trademark Ranjit Barot sound wizardry with a some neat vocal harmonies and simple, hum-along tunes. Naram pookkal is a complete surprise, with exotic singing by Nandini Sarkar, multi-layered orchestration, great fusion interludes and pure Tamil lyrics! […]

Beyond all the facade of the lead character becoming the no. 1 racer in the US (!), in IndiaFM’s preview of YashRaj’s next, eagerly (!!) awaited film, Ta ra rum pum, a particular line caught my attention. It says, “However, RV (Saif) and Radhika (Rani) decide not to tell their children the truth (about their […]

Saturday April 14, 2007 12:21

Kisi din (Adnan Sami)

Despite a very simple hook, Teri yaad is eminently hummable thanks to its sprightly music and Adnan’s dreamy vocals. The title song, Kisi din, is a pretty flat composition and may require a star’s presence to make its mark! But the groovy Baarish, the massy and very filmi Salaam walekum and the excellently orchestrated Waqt […]

Saturday April 14, 2007 11:22

Rasiya Saajan (Ismail Darbar)

Rasiya saajan sounds uncomfortably close to HDDCS’s Albela saajan but is no patch on the classic tune – Zubin being its saving grace. The remix is a plain headache. The same Zubin annoys in Ranaiyan which forces him to use a mild nasal twang. Hume maaf kardo carries a similar HDDCS sound almost as if […]

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