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Saturday March 17, 2007 08:25

Ek chalis ki last local (Hindi – Assorted)

Ankur’s Bheegi seeli does have an interesting ring to it – minimal, vocal-driven orchestration arranged by Ranjit Barot being the highlight. The strangely named TKnow (Costantino Francorsi) chooses to do an interesting remix of a now-obscure UK bhangra hit of the 70s, Bhabiye Akh Larr Gayee (by Bhujangy Group) in Akh. Aqeel and Sanjeev start […]

Thursday March 15, 2007 20:47

Kya love story hai (Hindi – Pritam)

Aye khuda has an engaging Junoon’ish sound and Kunal’s full-pitched vocals help tremendously! But, both Deewana teri and Its rocking are contrived and predictable, despite Pritam infusing reggae, rap and Alisha Chinoy into them! Gumsum hai, beyond its simplistic tune, is quite neat with addictive riffs and a feel-good retro effect. Miss you everyday has […]

Wednesday March 14, 2007 19:02

Khanna & Iyer (Hindi – Tabun Sutradhar)

Boom boom is insipid. Rootho naa has stereotyped ‘Iyer’ interludes even as the tune is plain boring. Raasta pyaar ka is too fragmented to even comment about, the flat singing adding to the exasperation. Meri jindari is the mild saving grace of this soundtrack, that too thanks to Sukhwinder and Madhushree’s vocals. I do understand […]

Sunday March 11, 2007 11:50

Top 7 recent listens!

Onde ondu saari – Mungaru Male (Mano Murthy, Kannada) I listen to Kannada film music only occasionally, despite being in Bangalore. I do keep track of the good stuff that comes out, rarely. One such rare recent soundtrack is that of NRI composer Mano Murthy’s Mungaru Male. Besides a very listenable set of 7 tracks, […]

Saturday March 10, 2007 08:20

Maayakkannaadi (Tamil – Ilayaraja)

Kaadhal indru & Kaasu kaiyil’s lively, but slightly outdated orchestration camouflages the complete disillusionment for love and money quite effectively thanks to Raja’s tried and tested vocals for such pop-philosophical verses! Konjam konjam is a perfectly capable melody but those extra bells ‘n whistles in the orchestration (Karthikraja?) is jarring! Yeale enga is a time […]

Wednesday March 7, 2007 20:35

Sarhad Paar (Hindi – Anand Raaj Anand)

In the name of a rustic soundtrack to go with the film’s theme, Anand Raaj Anand hams out an insipid set of songs – for the n’th time! Except the racy, Arabic-sounding Ae zindagi and to some extent Teriyaan mohabbatan (sung by the composer himself), the rest just passes by your ears. On the other […]

Wednesday March 7, 2007 19:28

Vyabaari (Tamil – Deva)

Despite the classy interludes, Kadi kadi’s innuendo-laden mukkal is as irritating as the kosu kadi – but its got Mano back..where were you dude? SJ Surya and Namitha sing about each other in the horrendous voices of Reshmi and Arjith in Tha tha namitha while the title song is equally absurd. Aasai patta is an […]

Valha re-uses a prominent hook from Garam Masala’s Ada (lifted off Amr Diab’s Ana!) and is generally ho-hum. Hum tum has a mild Latin touch but is largely uninspiring! Remo adds considerable noise to the already noisy & predictable No problem while Sunidhi’s Gehra is a slightly better track and her diva act does work […]

Monday March 5, 2007 14:32

Courting Courtesy!

No, this is not yet another soundtrack/ movie that demands 100 more words from me. As a Bangalorean, driving everyday to work and back, its quite interesting to see the appalling amount of disrespect for everything on road…almost like the road is a war zone that the car driver needs to win. Bangalore roads could […]

Sunday March 4, 2007 18:24

Running Sacred (English – Wayne Kramer)

If you thought Pokiri was inspired by The Departed (remake of Infernal Affairs), check this out! The former had informers on both sides of the law, while this has just one. Almost a Tarantino’ish version of The Departed – complete with a pedophile couple in place of a sodomy sequence (Pulp Fiction) – its loaded […]

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