Saturday March 31, 2007

Sivaji (Tamil – A R Rahman)

Posted by Karthik

Balleilakka has intentionally-likeable lyrics but is pretty mundane otherwise. Athiradee tests Rahman’s vocals and its unusual tune and orchestration pattern sounds interesting. Vaaji vaaji is very catchy thanks to a predictable rhythm sequence and Blaaze adds his usual mishmash in The Boss. Sahana is no doubt melodious, but a bit staid for a Rajinikant starrer, while Gomathi Sree is fantastic in Sahara! Style with its fragmented structure mixed well in a likeable package is the clincher. Vairamuthu’s lyrics take a safe route, but Rahman stands his ground by giving a soundtrack that doesn’t seem to immediately pander to Rajinikant’s image!

Keywords: A R Rahman, Shivaji, Sivajee, Rajini Kant, Rajinikanth, Shriya Saran



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