Wednesday March 21, 2007

Sivaji (Tamil – A R Rahman, sneak preview!)

Posted by Karthik

One more eagerly expected Rahman soundtrack gets leaked – just three tracks, though! Vaaji vaaji is definitely very catchy – but a tad too simplistic with a predictable rhythm sequence. Sahana is pretty melodious, even as it’s a bit staid for a Rajinikanth starrer! Oru koodai sunlight is bound to catch you completely off-guard with crowd-pleasing lyrics, smattering of Spanish and some atrocious Tamil pronunciation. As for the tune, beyond its marginal hip-hop influences, its one of those usual fragmented songs that only Rahman can produce. Despite my initial apprehension, this may catch on big, thanks to its highly unusual structure!

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Note: Yes, I just got a mail from one of this blog’s usual visitors asking me if I have heard the 3 tracks from Sivaji that’s doing the rounds on the net! Nope…I haven’t! Have I been living under a shell? He mailed me those 3 tracks and here I was listening to them feeling quite guilty and appalled at the same time! This is just a sneak (p)review of the three leaked tracks! Expect a full review as soon as the soundtrack releases. Officially, that is.

Update 1 (March 24th, 2007): This may be a tad late…and I don’t intend to sound disrespectful…but going by the 6th comment – who is this Shafeeq? And what is Media Studio? Isn’t Rahman’s studio called something else? In any case, we’ll know the truth when the audio releases officially and if it does not have a song called (!!) Day light dude and if Rahman hasn’t sung Sahana. Till then, lets continue to wonder about who this Shafeeq might be! Prankster perhaps? Hopefully not!

Update 2 (March 24th, 2007): Vijay Iyer, a close confidant of Rahman has spoken. The Shaggy connection is supposedly not true – in the Oru koodai song. It’s a Bollywood singer according to Vijay. In a terse message answering a question about Shaggy’s presence in this song, Vijay says, “nope! not true…its a bollywood singer”. So, does this piece of revelation obliterate the entire comment by Shafeeq? By the way, who is Shafeeq and what is Media Studio…all over again?



  • Hey,
    Sivaji is simply superb and hip hop rocks… and iam sure Sahara is a slow poisson… But this is completely a diff music for Rajini and iam not sure how rajini fans wud take this… But Rajini, Shankar n ARR wud hav alrdy thought abt this…

    anyway iam jus waiting for the rest of the songs!!!

  • Karthik

    The lyrics in Vaaji vaaji is very interesting. If Vairamuthu has intentionally used those senthamizh words – hats off to him. At least this way people can hear and know a few cleaner Tamil words!

    As far as I know, Aambal means white lotus. Other classic Tamil words….not sure. Perhaps someone else can fill in!

    Plus, I guess there must be one kick-ass song…as is usual in a Shankar film (usually the last song in the movie, his logic being that this song is almost like a pre-climax fitting – so that people do not leave the theatre for a smoke)!

  • christopher

    when is Sivaji film songs released

  • christopher

    karthik,Aravinth Muthu

    can u send across the songs to this id:

    unable to locate them in the web…

    really desperate to hear them

  • MumbaiRamki

    I guess ARR house will be stoned soon !!
    Only shankar can save ARR –
    What to do ,we hear songs like watching cricket matches !!!!

    Forgetting this is rajni movie ,the songs are v nice …Probably on repeated hearing we may accept it and start enjoying it !!!

  • Shafeeq


    Inspections are on how it has leaked… But we are sure that it has come out from the sets. All the songs are scratches… The final mixing is nowhere near to these.

    Esplly on the Sunlight song sung by Shaggy, Blaaze and Tanvi; what is available on net is just a scratch piece for shooting. And Sahana song is sung A.R himself on the final version with Chinmayi. We have one more brilliant number called “Day light dude” which is the opening song sung by Rappers from US.
    We have a Song recorded with the voice of Rajinikanth Sir and Drums kit played by Siva Sir which is interesting, in the movie. Please don’t post our opinions and underestimate the soundtrack now it now. Its does enhance the visuals on screen quite brilliantly and wait for the moment to catch it on 70 mm.

    Media Studio

  • Karthik


    Thanks so much for clarifying. Rahman fans elsewhere (in the Yahoo Group, particularly) are so damn dejected that this has happened all over again.

    But I’m terribly happy to see your note that these are just scratch versions. Sahana in ARR’s voice is something worth waiting. What’s strange is that the versions floating are 192 kbps files….pretty good quality!

    I’d definitely post a honest review as soon as the real OST is released. This opinion, however, is based only on what I heard.

  • Dinesh

    Songs r rocking..

  • Ashwin

    Shafeeq/Karthik, just cant believe these are scratches. Already they sound damn good the way they are. And they came out in 192kbps pretty good quality.
    btw, whats this Shaggy thing you are telling. This definitely aint the Shaggy that we all know.

  • ash

    hi guys what is the link for the sivaji mp3 pls send let me knw thnx ….

  • boo

    plz am dying for the songs surely buy the first copy of the cd…


  • Dragun

    Shafeeq, thank you for your comments! The mastering and the sparse orchestrations, especially on Oru Koodai Sunlight, did sound like scratch tracks. And I am very heartened to hear that Sahara will be in Rahman-sir’s voice instead of Udit Narayan.

  • Arun

    Please send me the link to these 3 songs. I am really waiting to listen these songs. email me at . All these comments make me more eager to listen the songs. Please help

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  • Nagarajan

    Please send me the link to these 3 songs. I am really waiting to listen these songs. email me at . All these comments make me more eager to listen the songs. Please help

  • Nagabadri


  • Nagabadri

    Mail me at

  • Prince

    Please send the link to me. THanks in advance. Cheers

  • Charles Bosco

    Hi, Just wanted to tell you that Shaggy did not sing the oru koodai song.

  • Adam mohamed Ibrahim

    Best work from ARR since ever, i love sunlite and vaji savaji is growing in me now.Udit Narayan sang well i dont usualy like his voice Superb work on sahana.Cant wait for the cd to be out!!!.

  • Srini

    I really hope that “Oru koodai sunlight” now on net is not after the final mix. It really misses ARR’s magic

  • Vinod

    Hi Karthik,
    Can u explain what u meant by this line “Rahman fans elsewhere (in the Yahoo Group, particularly) are so damn dejected that this has happened all over again.”

  • Karthik

    Vinod: A cursory glance on the Rahman YG should explain that anyway. But, this is not the first time a Rahman album is leaked before its release! And that has never gone down well with his fans, quite understandably.

  • Vinod

    But i think its first time that full length tracks get leaked.Earlier 1 minute or half minute clips only was there(like ayudhayezhuthu).Anyway lets wait for April 4.If these are not scratches,then am totally desp for ‘vaji vaji’ song.Madhushri’s ‘Tami’ and as u said ‘predictable rhythm sequence’ helps to forget the song easily..

  • Venkat

    Hehe.. This is funny! Indiaglitz was quick to write an article on what `Shafeeq’ had posted in this blog..
    And we do not know who Shafeeq is!

    Here is the link

  • Karthik

    🙂 Yes, even I realized that this could be a possible prank and just when I was thinking about it, I found that half the net has already taken Shafeeq as the last word in this case! The joke is we still dunno the truth!

  • John

    Karthik is has a bias for South Indian singers , films and posters. Keep up the good work.

  • Shafeeq


    I read the reactions on my comment and I can understand you all. We all know that Sivaji will be the biggest movie of Tamil Cinema history so please be calm, I can only tell you that these songs are not the final version. Especially in the Sunlight song where Mr. Rahman has used a lot of more instruments and effects. And as I said the highlight of the movie will be a song called ‘Daylight Dude’ for that Mr Rahman has approched Timbaland and Magoo. So please wait a few days I can promise you that it’s worth.

  • sam

    The plot is thickening day by day.. Hope April 4 has answers to everyone.. till then..

  • srinivas

    heard all the songs posted . slow poison – grows on you . even if its a scratch version its good , the refined version must be better than this . my only request to AR Rahman is to use less of non – tamil words and more of tamil singers which are the only sore points in his otherwise good compositions .

    karthik i thought vaaji was some other language , suprised to know its sentamizh – let me know the meaning

  • Sanjeevi

    I think this is one of Sankar’s trick

  • Canman

    The songs are not very appetizing! Do u think v wud hear this a year from now? Hope the final version is far from this one
    – canman

  • Balaji

    Really man songs are too good to listen. As said it is slow poison man. One day it is going to take all lives. Wondering how the original tracks will be………

  • newman


  • Hariharan

    Oru Kudai Sunlight is appauling. In the name of hip-hop, Rahman has completely butchered the Tamil language. The song just keeps going on a loop. Sahara and Vaaji Vaaji Sivaji are really good.

  • Srinivas

    karthik ,

    Pls let me know the meaning of Vaaji Vaaji and any other new tamil words used by Vairamuthu in the songs

  • Karthik

    Vaaji is just used a rhyme to Sivaji…no specific meaning. Aambal, as I had explained in the 2nd comment means something akin to white lotus (or a lotus-like flower that grows in the marsh). Aambal is still used in Malayalam, but in Tamil, its a dead word.

    Can someone explain the meaning for Movval?

  • Anand


    pls send sivaji songs to my e-mail iD. or atleast give the link..


  • Anand


    pls send sivaji songs to my e-mail iD or atleast give the link..


  • Karthik

    Srinivas: Sorry for deleting your comment.

    I prefer not to have any download links in the blog.

  • Guessme

    Karthik: I remember reading another blogger’s review of Sivaji songs where he said Movval means Jasmine garland.

  • srinivas

    karthik ,

    comment 37 & Comment 41 – that’s me srinivas – not hariharan . looks like some system error . now when I checked before sending the comment , it said Shafeeq instead of Srinivas .

  • KMA

    Everyone forgot this person ? Who is this Shafeeq, a Dubacoor, cheat ?

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