Sunday December 17, 2006

Unnale Unnale (Tamil – Harris Jeyaraj)

Posted by Karthik

Hello miss has all HJ’ish elements…catchy rhythms, ‘yah..’ interludes, a husky male voice…and the package is enjoyable as well! Ilamai ullasam has a blatant but mild variation of the ‘Na na…’ sequence from Wilson Picket’s Land of a thousand dances. June pona and Unnale unnale are the soundtrack’s highpoints, for their urban, pleasant pop sound, very unique to HJ. Vaigasi nilave recalls Minnale’s Venmadhi occasionally but is striking thanks to its unusual twists in rhythm and interludes. Mudhal naal is way too similar to Kakka kakka’s Ennai konjam and that’s a sore point. The usual again from HJ…likeable and repetitive!

Keywords: Harris Jeyaraj, Harris Jayaraj, Tanisha Mukherjee, Jeeva, Sada



  • Karthik

    In case you are wondering about my reference to the ‘Na na na na…’ sequence in Wilson Picket’s Land of a thousand dances, you may remember one of its reuses…by Ini Kamoze in the song, ‘Here comes the hotstepper’…this was part of the soundtrack of an early 90s film, ‘Prêt-à-Porter’.

  • oops,Links mismatched. Corrected ones

    So Jaoon Mein & Vaigasi Nilave:

    So Gaye Hein & PKMC Website

  • jemsheed

    Nice album..Only some spaces it feels repititive..Good Work By HJ..Congrtas..

  • Satissh

    Hi Karthik,

    I just feel the song June pona has a strong resemblance to All rise by the band BLUE. I feel the beats and tune(to a certain extent) has been lifted.What sey you..


  • Karthik


    Yes. I had posted it in the tfmpage forum for more comments 🙂 No comments yet!

  • jemsheed

    Yes..Jun Pona is a rip off Blue-All rise..
    Also i feel some simliarity with the song “Mercury Poove” of YSR’s Puthiya geethai(Vjay).(

  • jemsheed

    yes..the song is a rip off Blue-All rise.Also i feel the song has a similiarity with Mecury Poove of YSR’s Puthiyageethai(Vijay).

  • Polo

    Wow Karthik, you seem to find most album’s repetitive dont you? Haha, funny. I for one find this a really urban, breezy and youthful album, a real nice listen. And to all A.R. Rahman fans who come here and claim Harris has copied here and there, PLEASE, GET A LIFE!

  • Neil

    Breezy album!!!.Thats a Good Jok.I enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Murugan

    Blur – All rise & June Pona. The programming & Instrument pattern/sequence, Beats are similar. But the tune is completely different. This song is superb next to vaigasi Nilave

  • It looks like Harris has not concentrated much on the tamil pronounciation part. Madhusri’s pronounciation and Mahalakshmi’s diction are far from satisfactory.

  • Jeeva

    “June Pona July kaatril” is a All Rise in Tamil question about it,but its nicely done by HJ.
    Hi HJ,i fyou’re reading this,pls dont do this often.I like your originality in other movies,simply superb.

  • Kamaraj

    ‘June Pona’ thing strongly tells me that that the tune is not HJ’s original. Anyways, I also liked Unnale Unnale song.. very well done. This is the second song in a row that HJ has composed without Pallavi-Charanam format. Manjal Veyil was the first one I guess….

    Karthik, I have no issues with your order for 2006 songs.. but I feel so sad that Uyirile of VV has failed to impress upon you.. better luck next time..

  • Polo

    Hey Kaps, you should hear the way Tanvi pronounces the words in the title song of Jillunu Oru Kaadhal

  • Arun

    Madhushree sounds like a perfect Sadhna clone in here.
    Liked the album,HJ somehow manages to strike a chord with some really pleasy orchestration.The trumpets,for example have been well used in here

  • ali g

    The song “july pona” from the soundtrack of unnale unnale very much resembles “one love” and “all rise” from the band “blue”. Harris jayaraj has used some cheezy beats with some block chords in tryin to reproduce the same groove as in “one love” . Ofcourse the chorus sounds different but not different form his own previous albums.

  • Hey guys!!!
    Did you people notice the similarity between Harris Jeyaraj’s latest Unnale Unnale. The song June Ponal is inspired from ALL RISE which is a known fact. But recently I came across another song in the same album which is also very similar. Try hearing the follwoing two songs and tell me whether they are inspired or copy.

    Movie Song Composer
    UU HELLOMISS Harris Jeyaraj
    Bala VANATHU POOCHI Yuvan Shankar Raja

    Both are tamil songs.

    Thank You!!!

  • pugazh

    Hai Guys,

    Did u hear the song oru bambaram song from Kumaran. The song is same as the Thaiya thaiya song from Uyire. All his songs have the same tune and he copied many tunes from other albums. We can tell many. In bheema the song enathuirey is same as munbe vaa from jilluennu oru kadhal.

  • rakesh

    karthik has already reviewed sainikudu[kumaran]… check the link here

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