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Wednesday December 27, 2006 18:21

Top 10 Hindi Songs of 2006

In the order of my preference. May not match other criteria like sales, perceived popularity, etc., since this is my personal opinion! 01. Imaan ka asar – Dor, Salim Suleiman 02. Tere bin – Bas ek pal, Mithun 03. Javeda zindagi – Anwar, Mithun 04. Ay hairathe – Guru, A R Rahman 05. Kya mujhe […]

Wednesday December 27, 2006 18:15

Top 10 Tamil Songs of 2006

Tough choice, but here’s the top 10 of what I liked in Tamil film songs, in 2006. And yes, this is in the order of my preference – don’t want to hide under the ‘not-in-any-particular-order’ pretext. 01. Sudum Nilavu – Thambi, Vidyasagar 02. Munbe vaa – Sillunu oru kaadhal, A R Rahman 03. Thaiyatha – […]

Monday December 25, 2006 07:49

Veyil (Tamil – Vasanthabalan)

There’s a reason why Murugesan (Pasupathy) is a drifter and more importantly, a loner, in Manoj Night Shyamalan’s parlance – to save his brother! Vasanthabalan’s intermittently bloody Veyil really doesn’t deserve the plaudits it’s been garnering. It pretends to portray a loser’s life under the pretext of some terribly commercial situations, with mere flashes of […]

Saturday December 23, 2006 17:22

Thaamirabharani (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Is Kattabomman supposed to sound like a powerful entry song? It is muted and lacks any kind of impact. Vaartha onnu takes from parts of Pattiyal’s Dei namma and seems largely situational. Thiruchendooru muruga is a throw back on the 90s Rahman with minimal rhythms and a simple flow of tune. Thaaliye is soft and […]

Tuesday December 19, 2006 21:15

Aalwar (Tamil – Srikanth Deva)

Solli tharava and Pidikkum have passable, lively tunes, but are bound to make the vanguards of Tamil protection mad, for the ridiculous pronunciation. Anbulla kaadhali has a decently orchestrated calypso’ish tune. Unnikrishnan makes an appearance after ages in Pallaandu, a track that completely defies the composer’s image and pedigree. It carries a pious and fairly […]

Sunday December 17, 2006 10:00

Unnale Unnale (Tamil – Harris Jeyaraj)

Hello miss has all HJ’ish elements…catchy rhythms, ‘yah..’ interludes, a husky male voice…and the package is enjoyable as well! Ilamai ullasam has a blatant but mild variation of the ‘Na na…’ sequence from Wilson Picket’s Land of a thousand dances. June pona and Unnale unnale are the soundtrack’s highpoints, for their urban, pleasant pop sound, […]

Thursday December 14, 2006 19:32

Pokiri (Tamil – Mani Sharma)

Aadungadaa & Maambazham stray into T.Rajendar’s kuppam and sound as pointless as they could, with utter nonsense in the name of lyrics! Two of Mani Sharma’s Telugu Pokiri tracks show up then…Dole dole is slightly better than the assembly-line En chella peru. The dreary Nee mutham ondru is more of a glorified nursery rhyme while […]

Wednesday December 13, 2006 19:12

I See You (Hindi – Vishal Shekhar)

Subah subah with those neat guitar riffs and energetic tune, is instantly catchy and typical Vishal Shekhar material. Zubeen’s singing makes that essential difference too. But, Kehna hai jo and Halo halo for all their zingy sound, are rather monotonous as far as the tune goes, with the prominent hook in Halo halo making it […]

Sunday December 10, 2006 10:52

Jaan-e-mann (The Movie)

Jaan-e-mann is an astounding debut, no doubt. The package is zingy fresh, as if Sapnay’s Ek bagiya mein is made into a full fledged film! But, the bewildering visual gimmicks notwithstanding, there’s a sense of fatigue at many points in the movie. It perhaps has to do with the fact that Shirish the editor is […]

Tuesday December 5, 2006 16:21

Ustad & the Divas (Sandesh Shandilya)

One of the prominent things I remember about the earlier album featuring Ustad and Chitra was the beautiful video by Pradeep Sarkar. The new Leja leja video fits right into the current scenario of videos with adequate skin show. Musically, Sandesh triumphs again, with Shreya’s Leja, Chitra’s Haiye re & Rangeelo rut and Sunidhi’s More […]

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