Wednesday November 22, 2006

Anwar (Hindi – Mithoon & Pankaj Awasthi)

Posted by Karthik

Mithoon, after that phenomenal debut in Bas ek pal with Tere bin, proves that he’s here to impress. Big time! The two songs he composes for Anwar, Maula mere maula and Javeda zindagi are right up Rahman’s standards. While the former has an addictive sufi style sung fantastically by Roop Kumar Rathod, the latter by Kshitij and Shilpa Rao is a flawlessly beautiful, dulcet track. Pankaj Awasthi pitches in with a few songs and instrumentals, but only Dilbar mera impresses. Mithoon’s recreated track, Bangla khula is coarse and annoying. Go for Anwar’s soundtrack just for those two tracks mentioned earlier!

Keywords: Nauheed Cyrusi, Manisha Koirala, Mithoon



  • A mesmerising score by Mithoon. I couldn’t agree more with you about it being addictive! Those two songs make the album a complete ‘paisa-vasool’!

  • Arun

    Maula Mere is one of the year’s best!

  • Rishi J

    Maula Mere and Tose Naina Lagey are both beautiful tracks that are perfect for personal time. Sit down, put on these songs, and just think. Thank God we’re getting some high-quality soundtracks now.

  • ritu

    Mithoon rocks bigtime. Best music of the year.

  • tisha

    Mithoon is the next Ar rahman !

  • anuradha

    I have been an all time fan of MITHOON. I have known him in person and he is absolutely down to earth. I think he was great in his first recreated sound track “woh lamhe” from Zeher and then bas ek pal and now its Anwar. He is brilliant with both his sound tracks “maula mere” and “javeda zindagi” from ANWAR.I feel he is just not the next A.R.REHMAN but he is the generation next composer having his individual identity which is quite unique. I wish him all the best for his next movie Train and all his future ventures.

  • Dijo

    yes,midhoon rocks..
    hai Anuradha,He cant be an A.R.Rahman.Bcoz he is not yet deliverd any ROJA kind of “Totally different”(Breaking the contemporary) album..Remember the era before Roja(1992).But he is a good composer.He is different.Wishing him all the best for his future..

    Lets wait..

  • sima

    hi dijo, the way mithoon has started his career at such a young age of 19, he is going to go much above rahman.
    wait and watch…..

  • rahul

    Dilbar mera by Pankaj Awasthi is an awsome track so diferent from the rest of the music which is just usual bollywood stuff..its ok yaar…

  • ravi

    mithoon ur the best. great music in anwar.

  • tiny

    mithoon’s the best.

  • I wouldn’t agree with him being the next ARR. Infact, the couple of songs he has in the album are good, definitely not great (no where near even Guru’s songs).

  • Hariharan

    Mithoon has composed like what? 6 songs? Never compare him with Rahman. He could never reach his standards.

  • AHC

    I think Mithoon is extremely promising, but it’s not fair to compare him with AR Rahman yet. The guy has only a few songs to his credit; let’s wait and see how he does in the long run.
    That said, I’ve been humming Maula Mere since yesterday!

  • AHC

    Mithoon’s songs “Maula mere maula” & “Tose Naina Lage” are intoxicating. Heavenly stuff from a 21-yesr old!!

  • shreyas

    come on yaar, give mithoon a break.
    the guy is awesome, fab music, and he’s
    just 21.
    jealous what ?

  • akash

    Mithoon’s music is amazing everything he has touched has turned into gold…
    he is not the next A R. REHMAN but i can gaurantee he will be better

  • akash

    Mithoon’s music is amazing everything he has touched has turned into gold…
    He will exceed AR Rahman

  • MrHossen1223

    9 years ago haha πŸ™‚

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