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Friday April 28, 2006 17:49


Koi tumsa nahi and Pyaar ki ek kahaani are assembly-line saccharine coated tracks that have been the hall mark of any recent Rajesh Roshan film. Simple, catchy and pleasant. Dil na diya is of course catchy with an adequately dancy rhythm custom-designed for Hrithik. Chori chori follows the uniquely filmy Pahaadi tune to the hilt […]

Sunday April 23, 2006 12:58

Thiruttu Payale [The movie]

The plot, the flashback and the ending seems fresh for a Tamil film. The director does a great job of maintaining the pace of an unusual and otherwise focused (barring the annoying comedy track by Vivek) plot. The acting is uniformly average while Bharadwaj’s Charukesi strains in Thaiyyatha has immense appeal. Some of the specific […]

Saturday April 22, 2006 18:41


Joshua emulates Harris in Kan simittum, with excellent results. His distinct touch is evident in the pallavi/ anupallavi! Its Rahman’s turn in Kanne kaadhal, which is catchy enough to sustain interest. Aanum pennum evokes memories of Yuvan’s music, particularly Joshua’s voice! But again, Joshua packs a unique punch. This is getting cliched, but the breathlessly […]

Sunday April 16, 2006 12:08

Being Cyrus

But for the dark, funny tone and the atmospheric Parsi feel, Being Cyrus resembles most other “…enters the lives of…but with a dark secret” kinda films. Many intriguing shots and the dream sequence are reminiscent of similar European thrillers. Saif seems to sleepwalk through the role while Naseeruddin Shah seems largely uninterested. You walk out […]

Friday April 14, 2006 11:24

Pachakuthira [Malayalam]

Karthik sounds out of form in Butterfly. But, despite a rather childish tune, the track has something interesting with a smattering of German and curiously catchy! Raja goes pretty mod in the prelude of Kalikonda chaamundi. But a 90s synth tune and sound is what you actually get. The same annoying heard-before synth sound opens […]

Wednesday April 12, 2006 19:15


Rahman’ish riffs galore in Chand sifarish, but its extremely catchy with excellent rhythm & interludes. The remix is appropriately over the top. Mere haath mein is a very listenable Kashmiri-styled melody where Sonu excels. Des rangila is a predictable pseudo-patriotic ditty with the Yash Raj stamp all over it, though Mahalaxmi Iyer’s singing elevates it […]

Monday April 10, 2006 16:56


Aathin Karayorathe is a pleasant melody that has Manjari’s sorta put-on stylish singing adding charm. Despite a strong deja-vu effect Ponnaavani paadam impresses with the old-world interludes laden with flute. Poo kungumapoo – in both Yesudas’ and Chitra’s versions – is the pick of the soundtrack with vintage orchestration and lovely Raja-styled directions that the […]

Sunday April 9, 2006 19:05

Mallika! I hate you

Mallika I hate you? Marketing gimmick? Precisely! The actual song is just another Sandeep-engineered track enveloped in an assortment of digi-sounds reminiscent of George Michael’s Freeek! Of the 4 versions, the best happens to be Jay Oliver’s lounge mix, with minimal vocals! Jay’s other credited track, (credited for overall programming too, along with Sandeep) Ishavru […]

Saturday April 8, 2006 20:49

36 China Town

Himesh’s nasal annoyance continues in Aashiqui, but thankfully the tune and its remix are catchy. 24X7 must be from Himesh’s tune bank ‘cos it sounds completely outdated. The track also boasts of some grossly unimaginative lyrics. Badi dilchaspi harks back to an old Hindi song and that monotonous rhythm only gets on one’s nerves. The […]

Wednesday April 5, 2006 11:20


Just when you thought Kailash Kher was getting jaded with his high pitched, vocal chords-straining sufi singing, Kailasa springs a pleasant surprise. No, he still sings the same way. It’s the tunes that make all the difference. The trio of Kailash, Naresh and Paresh have no doubt added a distinct synth touch to all the […]

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