Saturday December 17, 2005


Posted by Karthik

[A well deserved exception in word count…200 words for this soundtrack!]

Yuvan’s imagination soars way beyond the confines of a Tamil movie OST in the phenomenal Pudhupettai Main theme, Selling dope and Clash of titans. Incredible assortment of instruments and a dead catchy rhythm is what Going thru emotions is all about. The that sneaks in, is a MAJOR gripe though! What starts as a petta song transforms into a pulsating synth track in Enga area. The rap pieces and the idea of juxtaposing MGR songs in between are done very imaginatively! Oru naalil is one heck of a track – fab lyrics and some really innovative orchestration. Yuvan’s Tamil and the occasional off-key passages are the sore points though! The prominent rhythm in the remix version sucks you completely into it! Kamal Hassan’s throaty voice adds a considerable aura to Idhu enna kadavule. Synth dominates again, but to a very interesting effect. Variya is an instantly catchy synth dappangoothu that borders that cult flute song by Remo. Tamil Gangsta rap wrapped in hiphop anyone? You got Pul pesum! The tune is middling but the interludes and overall orchestration is mindblowing. This is Yuvan at his very best. Pudhupettai is clearly one of the most innovative albums in recent times!



  • hi karthik,

    Yuvan’s imagination just has gone beyond in including such background score tracks in the CD. I sincerely feel Illayaraja have done such theme cues in far far better better in 100s of films but it is just that he didn’t release it in the CD.

  • Its a best effort by Yuvan. Enga area ulla varadha is so fresh and catch. Off late Yuvan was geeting in to routine of 2 remixed catchy numbers and 1 melody and 2 not so good songs. This album is a break from the routine. Hope he continues ..

  • Anonymous

    The song “going thru emotions” has an interlude which is the same as the starting in player advertisment…!!!

  • Anonymous

    enga area ulla varatha is similar to who let the dogs out … especially when they sing that line

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